Downloading and Senior Pics

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I got my senior pictures (the ones I ordered more copies of) and wow it arrived fast. A friend of mine took 2 months and me only about 6 weeks. Amazing XD. But yeah… did I post my senior pics here yet? If not here are the ones I considered the best:

Formal “Top” Dress thing
Caps and Gown one

XD I hate wearing the cap. I just looked so stupid. So I chose the one where I wasn’t wearing one to duplicate more. *noddles* But yeah… I look freaky. XD. Oh well.

And I am having fun downloading Oldies. XD Whee! Michael Jackson, Madonna, Simon & Garfunkel, Three Dog Night, and etc! Oldies fucking rules. And NO I am not retro. I just like almost all genre of music. I prefer to say I am FLEXIBLE. Bwee!


  1. cybrpunk on

    OMG! You just referred to Madonna as OLDIES?!? I suddenly feel quite old….

  2. Heather on

    Aww you look so cute! Senior pictures rock, although I know I’ll be sneezing or something in mine.

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