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I’ve been sick so I missed school for the past 2 days. Whoopee doo. But I feel better. Monday was hell for me. I could not concentrate on anything. The flu was making me so tired… so yeah I stayed home Tuesday and today so I can get rid of it and I’m almost rid of it… now I just need to figure out WHY I’m so tired x_x;;

But whatever. Daddy got me Meteora today! Whoo hoo! ^_^ That album rock. It’s like the first album. I liked every song on the first and now I like every song on the second one! ^^ Ahh Chester certainly got better and Mike-sama voice got sexier. *drools* I love the album *dances* Whoo hoo! ^^ I be happy. LP rules!


  1. better make the most of your sickness while u can ;)

  2. Woo! Yay for you!! Man .. there’s so much music I need to get .. lol. Hope you get better! *hugs*

  3. :: cheers :: Looks like I’m going to have to d/l some of their new music. Any suggestions? :)

  4. Britani on

    Yeah, Meteora does rock, doesn’t it? No, scratch that, Linkin Park rocks. It’s inevitable that Meteora rocks.

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