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Couple days ago, Jen and I were talking about the war. I told her that I didn’t want to die without doing useful in my life. Like contribute something to the world. And she told me that I couldn’t do that, but she told me this:

“If you want to make something out of yourself, then just be a friend.” — Jen-Chan (March 22, 2003)

She said that I already did that and it I did do something to make my death be more worthwhile. She’s right I guess. *shrugs* Oh well. That made me stop to think. That quote up there is meaningful. *noddles* Amazing how even a common person can think up quotes that makes a huge impact on another person.

Oh yeah, I started a Xanga. This is like my back up log I suppose. x_x;; Since my net STILL doesn’t cooperate 100%. Xanga works better than my blog right now. How sad. Oh well. I also made one so I can keep track of my friends that do uses them. Easier for me.

And I got a new hobby to learn. I am going to learn how to write screenplays. Jen contributed in to think of a movie I could write about it’s gonna be kickass… Once I write it that is. And Jen… you said screenplays are like writing a play? Nu-uh. I looked it up and it looks more complicated than that. Let’s just say I only figured out how the cover page should be so far *sweatdrops* I’m pathetic. But really this is gonna cool. My secret dream is to become a director or a screenplay writer. Beside something in computers, music, and writing, I want to do movies. *dreamily dreams of her winning Academy Awards* XD Yes I dream big… but it’d be cool if a company accepted my screenplay. Oh well. Must learn and write first! And speaking of learn… *sighs* I gotta study for my Cisco test. Blargh.


  1. Screenplays? ::shudder:: Horrible memories from my creative writting class in high school.

  2. Whoohoo ^^’ Tara-Chan the famous screenplay writer *puts name in lights* I can see it now =)

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