Boredom = Icons or Icons = Boredom

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The Threatcon Level for the base is at Charlie. There is also a 7:30 curfew for the base. Couple of my friends want the school to be cancelled tomorrow. Not I. If the school does get cancelled, it’s a bad sign in my opinion. Oh well.

This is what I did since I was so bored out of my mind.

I look scary. Woot!


  1. must have been very bored huh?

  2. Lol, very bored indeed ^^’ but you look pretty anyway ;) Good luck with this curfew stuff :

  3. Tara, you look cute!

  4. You look cute. My friend David is here right now and he thinks you look hot. ^_^

  5. Awwwww…..Tara, you look cute! Adorable might be a better word…

  6. OYJ & HYJ on

    Don’t be hard on yourself…those pictures are nice

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