Funny War Thing

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U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell said the president would use a national address set for 8 p.m. EST to issue an ultimatum to Saddam, his immediate family and other key leaders: Leave the country or face the “serious consequences” mentioned in U.N. Resolution 1441.

Saddam has a “very small opening, several days at best,” a senior administration official said. Another said a 72-hour deadline “is in the right ballpark.”

Iraqi Foreign Minister Naji Sabri ruled out that possibility Monday afternoon. Sabri called Bush a “crazy man” and suggested Bush step down instead to let the world live in peace.

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Does anyone else find it funny but me? *burst out laughing* That certainly is a good way to retort back to Bush. *continues laugh her ass off* Ahem. Sorry. If you don’t find it funny, then disregard it. I just went to CNN to read about the war thing and that’s the first thing I saw and found it hilarious. I’ll shut up now.


  1. I see the humour in it, but I’m not laughing. This entire affair scares me too much my friend -_-‘

  2. bush is indeed a crazy man…

  3. Kalirose on

    What’s so funny? I’m lost; I don’t see anything funny about it. Bush is gonna get our asses nuked.

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