Upcoming (Maybe) War Crap

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I just finally got the news from Daddy couple days ago that we are indeed staying here another two more years. Yay for extensions and yay for dad knowing important people.

I hate people telling me stuff now. Then again half the time I asked for it, but after finding out information, I really do believe that the “Ignorance is a bliss” statement is true. Whenever the fuck US is attacking Iraq, might bring the North Koreans to do something stupid. Such as bombing us. Jen told me that if the NK were to attack, the soilders at the DMZ only has one second to retaliate. And then we’d only have like 3 hours to evacuate. And then if they were to launch an F16 or whatever the fuck they are called, we’d get blasted by it in half an hour.

Lovely information is it not? I was better off NOT knowing that. It seems like everyone in the states that has relatives and friends here are worried about us. I told a friend of mine that he should only worry when I start to worry. That’s really the truth. And I said that the news plainly exaggerates crap. Wonder if I was just fooling myself. How can I be so naive about my own life and other’s life here, when there is a huge possiblity of us dying? I live here, in South Korea, in the capital and yet I know nothing about what’s going to happen. I think that’s a sign that means I should start reading the news more.

Hrm… I am scared to know that I could die one of these days, yet at the same time I feel as if I am just being my paranoid self again. But then again another scary part is that, I am well… ready for it I suppose. If I have to die this way then so be it. All you religious people out there says that this is what God wants? Well I don’t understand why he’d want innocent people to die this way. I admit, I am not the best person on Earth, but am I that bad to deserve to die this way? Or everyone else in Korea at that fact? *shrugs* If that’s what God wants, then so be it. War ends up in casualty after all.

Whatever. I’m just rambling off like an idiot and then if nothing do happen, I’ll feel even more dumber. Human beings are stupid. We are the ones who invent crap to bring more havoc and devastation amongst ourselves. I really do think that we are gonna be our own destroyers in the end. Not some little Green Men from Mars, but ourselves. *laughs* Pathetic isn’t it? That’s human nature for ya.

Those of you that do worry, don’t. What good will it do? Sure your love ones die, but what can we do to prevent it? Most of the time nothing. All those meaningless treaties work for like oh… about a decade or even more, and then it gets broken by another generation who are corrupted and evil and whatnot. Don’t worry. Just live your life. Don’t get bogged down by thoughts like that. Hell for the longest time that’s what I did. I didn’t care about the outside world. I just cared about my life. To me, life was too short to waste on worrying about meaningless stuff. Sure it might not be meaningless to most, but in the end it does, doesn’t it? After another 10 years an incident happens, people heal and forget.

And now I am paranoid, and for the next few days I’ll be jumping at any sounds of helicopter or whatever. And then of course knowing me, after those few days, when nothing happens, I’ll feel happier and become an ignorant fool again. Such is the way of me and many others. But whatever. If it happens, then oh well. It happens. And I’ll shut up now. Don’t worry people, and then I won’t worry either. ^_^


  1. Don’t worry about sounding paranoid, your not, your simply thinking along the same lines as everyone else in this fucked up world. What the HELL is bush doing anyway? o_0 Whatever, I’m hoping all goes through okay and we dont have another war. *nods*

  2. "Human beings are stupid. We are the ones who invent crap to bring more havoc and devastation amongst ourselves."

    I agree with you, but I don’t think human beings are stupid. Instead, many are simply blinded by greed, ignorance, and/or selfishness.

  3. Britani on

    "Those of you that do worry, don’t. What good will it do? Sure your love ones die, but what can we do to prevent it? Most of the time nothing."

    *dryly* Thank you for that. I feel much better now.

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