Collective Soul Concert

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Holy Shite. The concert was awesome. Here is my day rant! ^_^

Met Jeff up at Dragon at 3:30. Went to Collier (that’s where the concert was) and waited till about 5 when Jen and Lori joined. We were able to get in and get our seat WAY up in the front at about 5:30ish. Once we got in there we ate dinner from a refreshment stand there. They were even selling beer, which I thought was real dumb since underaged “drinkers” were gonna be here tonight, but oh well. Jeff bought Lori and Jen beers to drink. I took a couple of sip, but only little. We were okay with it, and then we went up to the bleachers to talk to two of our friends. They wanted a sip of the beer so Jen and Lori let them. This is when trouble started.

The MPs apparently saw the beers and figured we were underaged drinkers. Now keep in mind that the drinking age for us is 20 on base. Jeff was the only one old enough. Jen and Lori were 19 but turned 20 this fall. Well ah… they asked for our IDs. Then they told us to stay put. *sighs* We stayed put. Funny how they got our beer cans and there were only 3, but since they threw it away, they forgot. Well Jeff and Lori were to leave for the MP station. >_< ;; Jeff was in more trouble since he bought for underage drinkers. Jen got away clean. But yeah we were pissed off. Jeff... who ETSed or whatever that is, ... I hope he doesn't get called back to the army. Shite. He's probably still at the MP station waiting for a goddamn person to come pick him up from up North. Augh. Stupid MP pricks. Bastard, fuckers, idiots, and etc etc. Damn them. But once the concert started, Jen and I decided to have fun for the both of them and we did. Holy shite. They were just plain awesome live, which is quite unusual for most bands, espesically ones where the lead singer has to play guitar, but whatever. ^_^. Oh man… they were awesome. They played three songs I knew and the rest I had no clue, but I enjoyed it nevertheless. But I swear I am CURSED at concerts. Minus the Xzibit one, I nearly fell today AGAIN! My busted knee went kapooie on me. Bleh, but good thing I held onto Jen or I’d had fallen. And those bastard MPs actually had some kindness to come up to me and asked if I was okay. Yeah I was fine. ^^;; Haha. Funny how the MPs didn’t do anything about the smokers in the building. Collier was a smoke-free facility. Oh well. We didn’t dare do it since … we didn’t want to get carded for that either. Jen could get away, but not me and other people. Haha. Jen wanted to go for a smoke break during the concert and this is what I told her after the concert: WHY the HELL do you need to go smoke? This is like once in a lifetime opportunity! We can smoke AFTER the concert all we want, yet Collective Soul is only here for ONE night. Just hang on! It’s stupid to go out in the middle of a concert like that! Bah but she didn’t and we got to hear “The World I Know”. ^_^ OH! Later on, the lead singer, Ed, and the other guys gave out picks to us! *grins* I don’t play guitar, but I am keeping it! I even shook hands with Ed when he was up stage! ^_^ Shite that was awesome. After concert was the best. We waited around for autographs. DESPITE what they tell us, 99.99% of the time THEY will do autographs. Bleh to the stupid authorities that suckass. Well we formed a line and this one girl Jen and I knew… tried to cut in front of us. Now mind this that we both did NOT like her. She’s an annoying little brat. Heck I wouldn’t even give her paper. I just told her to go to the lobby and grab one on the table. Well she tried to cut and this is what I said: “Hey you ain’t gonna cut me. I will not allow cutting.” She tried to make some excuse. Then I replied: “Well you will not cut me okay? Get behind Jen.” I am evil. I am a bitch. But damn.. I had 3 pics left on my camera… I wished I didn’t waste it when they were on stage. If I knew we were able to take pictures with them afterwards, I would have saved it. Damn me. But whatever. We got all 4 guys autograph and Ed even signed our picks! Oh god did I mention that they were all FINE?! Goddamn ORGASM! (Jen and her friends coined up a term that meant the guy is so fine that we were gonna have an orgasm) They were all snoggable, shaggable, and goddamn just SEXY! And Ed has a nice voice. That is always a plus. ^_^ *dreamily fantasise about Ed whispering romantic stuff in her ear* Ahem. Anyways. I feel bad. We got so caught up on this meeting the group thing that … we forgot to get autographs for Lori and Jeff. But we are gonna photocopy and give it to them! ^_^ Oh and before I tell you the BEST part of the night, here’s what annoyed. That same girl I was being a bitch to is so fucking pathetic. She was like telling us how Ed or whomever had given her the pick personally and even said hi to her twice. …. Please. Before they gave it to us, I saw Ed give it to these 2 kids in the front row first. And then he and the others gave it to us insane teenagers in the front row. I got one, Jen got one and so did several other people. If it was personal then she’d be the only one getting it. Please spare me the stupidness. And then she went on and on about how the smile that they smiled was for her. GOD! I mean hell during the concert, when Ed smiled in my direction my heart had said it was for me but I knew in my brain that it was for the audience. Sheesh! Those kind of bullshit annoyed me. And then there are these people that stayed for autographs that didn’t even knew them and wanted to get autographs. Heck if this was my first time hearing them, I’d wait and do research before going up to a group and ask autographs just because it’s “cool”. I mean thanks to Jen I already knew enough about them to respect and love them. >_< ;; Bleh. People like that can kiss my fucking ass. But wow. We got to shake hands and talk to the members up close. Heck Will and I had a mini conversation. XD. This was how it went: Will: *signed my paper with 2003 on it*
Me: Hey! That’s my graduate class (so sue me I was tongue tied and it came out wrong).
Will: Oh really? What’s your name?
Me: Tara.
Will: *shakes my hand* Nice to meet you Tara. I’m Will.

Corny I know, but HEY! It’s a conversation nevertheless! But here is the best part, the first thing I noticed about Ed when he first came on stage and turned his back to us was that he had a FINE ASS. Jen and I agreed on that. We couldn’t stop saying how he had a nice ass. Then I was like “Should we tell him that he got a nice ass?” Jen said sure. But … er I chickened out. After 5 minutes of Jen telling to do it, she just gave in and this is what happened.

Jen: *tries to get Ed’s attention and succeeded in 2 minutes* We just wanted to let you know that you had a nice ass.
Me: *starts laughing in an embarassing manner*
Ed: *turn his butt around and looks at it and blush MAJORLY* Haha. Thanks.
Other people and the prick MP: *starts laughing*

After that we walked away laughing. Oh man. That was seriously the best part! Oh man this night was awesome. I swear our luck with getting closer to the band is amazing. At the Red Hot Chilli Peppers concert, we got to see them closer and even talked to them (more like screaming) at them. ^_^ At the Xzibit concert Charles got his jersey signed. And now we got to get 4 autographs and talk with them and compliment on one of them of his nice ass (I wanted to compilment the other 3 because they all DID have nice asses) and even got picks and got them signed. I tell you isn’t our luck amazing? I think so! Oh god… what a brilliant night! I love them even more now.


  1. sounds like you had a great time…but um…who the fudge are collective soul??

  2. Wow! Sounds liek you had a rather eventful night ^^’ Coolness =D

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