Too Much Homeworks

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These are the craps I have to do by Thursday:
-English Essay (1/5 Done)
-Lesson 12 Vocab (Not Started)

And these are the craps I have to do by Friday:
-Java Programme (Almost Done)
-Visual Basics Contract (1/4 Done)
-Visual Basics Storyboard (Not Started)
-Cisco 9-12 Packets (1/10 Done)
-Cisco Washington Project (Not Started)

Yes I am screwed. Yes procrastination is dumb and yet I still do it. Someone shoot me now. And I got a concert to go to tomorrow as well… the Collective Soul Concert. AUGH! Too much to do, so little time >_<..


  1. you’re such a computer geek =p

  2. Britani on

    Oh, dear…looks like we might not be seeing you for a while. Good luck!

  3. o.0 good luck with that =S

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