KAIAC Band Festival

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*hums music she’s been playing all day* My poor mouth. Oi… Playing from 10 to like 5 is not cool. Everyone’s mouths, arms, and fingers are hurting. Not to mention exhausted. It was a longass day. But I guess it was worth it at the end.

Ah… 8 schools came. about 115ish for Festival and 70ish for Select Band. S band practised in the band room, while the F band practised in the auditorium. We ended up cutting Fortress, since, well it was putting everyone to sleep, including the guest conductor himself, and we just didn’t have time to work on 3 pieces. The conductors were absolutely picky, but hey it was okay. I just wished they didn’t stop every two measures. I thought I was gonna die. And then the percussion section… let’s not even go there. I don’t need to bash them.

But yes the band I was in performed New River Bridge and Inchon. Very nice pieces, although in Inchon, during the flute solo, the guest conductor wanted the brass players to blow air through their horn to produce a windy sound effect. I thought it was cool and funny. It just SOUNDS funny to me, and I had to fight down the urge to not laugh. ^_^;; But yes it was awesome. Daddy actually liked the concert. My dad rates music like this: Music that keeps him awake and musics that makes him fall asleep. ^^ Surprisingly he didn’t fall asleep on this one. In fact he liked Inchon a lot. So do I. It’s a gorgeus, mysterious piece ^^.

Welp I’m exhausted and I’d fall alseep now, but I got a damn essay to write about Sir Gawain. Gag. Later.


  1. i’d probably run away after an hour of playing music. thats if i could play anyway…

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