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I made it into Select Band for KAIAC High School Music Festival! Whoot! For those that don’t know, KAIAC stands for Korean-American Interscholastic Activity Conference. In other words, it is like an All-State thing. Only here, it’s where all the DoDDS and Internation Schools get together once a year and bring their musicians and have a concert. We normally have 2 bands and that is Festival and Select Band. Festival, anyone that comes plays in it. Which means the balance sucks, and way too many people are cramped on the stage. Select Band is better balanced and fewer people and you have to audition for it. ^_^

Well the schools comes and bring their musicians. We get together, practice all fucking day, and then have a concert at the end of the day. It makes everyone’s mouth or arm sore, but hey it’s only an annual thing so we tolerate it. I like the musics they chose this year. The musics are:

Festival Band
-Andrew Lloyd Weber @ Concert (Collection of his songs into one song… and I forgot what that term was…)
-Funiculi Funicula
-Rhythm of the Wind

Select Band
-Inchon by Robert W. Smith!!!
-New River Bridge (by a conductor at Pusan High School… he composed it lol)
-Fortress. (I do not like that song. The way I described it is Toccata and Fugue meets William Tell Overture.)

Well I got 2nd Alto Sax part! I’ve been practicing outside of class times all week. I absolutely, positively adore Inchon. That song is good. It’s about the Inchon landing during the Korean War. Mr. Smith wrote that in memory of his Father who was in the Korean and Vietnam war. It’s a variation of ‘Arirang’. I really love his works… must download the song! ^_^ But yeah I’m just happy I got 2nd. Ms. Lee knows how much I’ve been practicing and how much I love Robert W. Smith’s works. Including ‘To the Summit’. ^^

But yeah. The Festival is this Monday. I get to miss a day of school for that. ^_^ Hee hee! Yay! I hope the festival goes well. Must practice this weekend.


  1. gooooooooooooo girl! have lotsa funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn because you’ll be going back to school again afterwards =p

  2. Congrats T-Chan! Congrats!

  3. Chibi Misao on

    Yay! Congrats ^_^ Have fun and good luck!

  4. a variation of arirang? that must be interesting ^_^ congrats on making it.

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