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Check this out, ya’ll HP Fans over 14.

I wrote my letter. Can find it at my livejournal. It’s an interesting idea in my opinions.

I hate military now. I grew up in a military community and it doesn’t make one bit a difference of my likes for military and government. Something must be wrong with me. And I am feeling moody. Eric’s dad going off to war and then reading some outdated news about this shite is NOT making me happy at all.

Bah. Whatever. Kaoru, I tried a tenor before and let’s just say that when I hit a low note on that thing, I vibrated along with it. I already have trouble with the low notes on an alto so imagine what would happen if I switched to bari and tenor LOL! Not cool. ^^;;

Tuan… you are tres perverted LOL! But I still love you!

Yayie, I might buy a soprano in the future, but right now I just want an alto ^^.

Heather, yes band/music rules. Though I really hate the term Band Geek though. Over here if you are in band it’s a good thing. I guess cultural differences is huge at times. *grins* Asian parents almost always force their children to learn either a piano or violin or something common at a young age. So that’s how a lot of us got into music.

And I am hungry so I must go eat something before I die.


  1. good grief i have no idea what that bari tenor blah rah stuff means. can’t u just talk about sex? hahahaha. im not pervertedm where do u get that from?

  2. :: Shares Pizza with Tara-Chan :: I may write my letter too :) Thanks for the link and try to feel better ne?

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