Soprano Sax

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I finally tried out a soprano sax. Brandon bought his mouthpiece with the school’s sax. Dangit. I thought it’d be easier blowing on that thing since I was better at high notes on the alto. Uh wrong assumptions. Very wrong. The mouthpiece was smaller. And you had to play it holding up. That sure has heck was impossible. I gotta thanks Min for telling me the proper way of playing that bloody thing. I was playing it like a freaking clarinet and then he saw me and corrected me. x_X;; Does it matter how you play that thing anyways as long as you can play it?

Had to break in the reed. Took me like a good 15 minutes to do that. Once it was broken in, well I discovered that I can’t play the low notes or the very high notes on that bloody thing. The embouchure is totally different from the alto sax. Augh. And for some odd reason the tone of the soprano sax sounded oboe-ish. But after playing that thing I could see why this particular instrument doesn’t belong in a band. It sounds way unique. And god. The fingering. The notes fingering are the same, but my hands are so used to the alto sax that I had trouble playing it nevertheless. Curse the instruments for being so different. I played almost an hour and boy my mouth hurt like fuck. But whatever. It has made me decide to get an alto sax and maybe a soprano in the future or something. Now I just gotta get the money from daddy and go saxophone hunting. That should be interesting. I ought to take my uncle with me.

But yes. That was my experience with the soprano sax. I like my alto better. But a soprano is real good as well. I just need to adjust to it. *sweatdrops* Oh well.


  1. Oh, it seems to me like someone is going to end up buying more than one Sax. ::wink::

  2. thqt must be alot of work o_o;;

  3. I LOVE SOPRANO!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAA!!! Too bad it’s mostly just a small solo instrument… I love the low notes (like E + D) sounds like a cool oboe.

  4. Heather on

    An entire music-related post. God I love band geeks. XD Good luck with that, I couldn’t play a band instrument if my life depended on it.

  5. rebecca on

    :3 i want to try a saxxxx

  6. I envy you. A soprano sax? Wow. I only got to hold one once. My friend Robert Long has mastered playing his. He’s really good at just about every wind intrument now. Oh, he names his saxophones. Did I tell you that? His soprano’s name is Lester. I don’t know why. *SHRUGS*

  7. EYJH.OYJ.HYJ on

    We envy you…..

  8. So you’re going to buy one. Good luck with it. It is really difficult to get a pure note out of it. It is called a dirty instrument. As far as I know, only a handful of jazz players have made a soprano play "clean." I don’t know exactly what that means, but I’m sure it means that you have difficult times ahead.

  9. thought you said "soprana sex" for a second…but thats just my horny brain.

  10. -nods- Alto sax is best. Have you ever tried the tenor or barry? Hee hee. Barry is fun, but you gotta really loosen your lips… It took me a while to get used to it, but it’s fun.

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