Dye-ing and Reminscience

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No I am not DYING, but I dyed my hair. Actually my aunt did it for me, and the result: lighter shade! ^_^ I hate black hair x_X;; Or rather my natural hair colour. But whatever. I like the results. My mum is going nuts about it. Now she wants to dye it like that. I’ve got a weird mum. x_X;; Dad … well he doesn’t care, but since I’ve been wearing eye make-up (black eyeliner and mascara), he says that with this new hair colour, I’ll look freakier. And with that look I won’t be able to get a decent job. Is what he saying true? *sighs* I hope not.

And why the fuck am I teary? Let’s just say one of my all time favourite Korean drama is being reshown again. Yes, Eric, you might know what I’m talking about. Remember Jang Hwee Bin? Yes. It’s on. I got the to the part where the banished queen is back and the bitch-ass queen is being… well bitchy and demented. But anyways for those that don’t know it, I think it’s a true story. If it is, all I cay say about the Korean imperial system back then is that Koreans sure got farked up rulers. XD. It’s dramatic and well it’s sad. Really. I’ve seen it first when I was in 4th (?) grade and well I quite liked it XD. But whatever. I’m just glad it’s back on. Same with my mum. She was going bonkers with that show. It’s like she was treating it like a World Cup game, rather than a drama. *shrugs* Oh well.

Yes Eric. I have seen Ice Age, courtesy of Jen. ^_^ And yes I felt sorry for the squirrel! Poor guy! Yes Steph. Caps and gowns are our graduation thing. Yes the cap is the thing we throw up in the air. And Yayie. I got a feeling I’m gonna miss the routine as well. *sighs* Oi… *snorts* Eric, if you think those stupid dorks at my school actually share my feelings, then I’d rather die. I bet you they can’t wait to get on to college and have a blast and then realise that it’s harder than that and fucking flunk in college. Whoot! XD

And I started Neopets again. x_X I have an on and off relationship with that bloody thing. Aigoo. I need to earn more neopoints dammit! And it’s strangely not easy for me x_X;; Oh well.


  1. Dammit! Just signed up for that Neopets site. Well I guess I know what I’ll be doing the rest of the night….

  2. Hey, don’t snort at me!

  3. Even though it’s a bit rude, keep snorting. *SMIRK*

  4. Neopets…I’ve only heard of that stuff. Maybe makne and I can check it out. Oh, I finally saw what my new bf looked like. He’s not cute, but he’s cuddly and adorable to me. Doesn’t that count?

  5. I finally found out what hyung meant by his new boyfriend. *SIGH* Why am I so slow? Oh, don’t worry about me. I’m taking it well. So is duljje hyung. Setjje hyung doesn’t like it, but he hasn’t said anything against it. Don’t worry, everything is fine.

  6. Looks like they left me to say the hard stuff…*SIGH*…our dad leaves for war tomorrow at 4 AM. I wonder when it’ll be before I see him again.

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