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Many thanks to Jen for giving me that mp3. I am definitely getting their new album and you guys that know me well know I rarely buy music CDs.

I don’t understand why some people considers them to be whining artists. I find profound meanings to their lyrics. It relates to me so much. I mean that’s what captivated me in Hybrid Theory. When I got that album, I had never heard any of the songs. But once I heard the first track and read the lyrics along, it just threw me over. And of course I am biased toward Shinoda-sama. ^_^ But really… I see nothing bad about them. They are just wonderful artists with deep lyrics. I want to get their new album, Meteora. I must get it.

I got my cap and gown today. Oh god… I honestly cannot wait till my graduation day. It seems so far off… but the sensation of graduating also scares me. As much as I hate that bloody school, it’s … unfortunately like my 2nd home. I’ve been going to that school since 7th grade. What was that term from The Shawshank Redemption…? Institutionalised. I got a sick feeling that school sort of made me become that. Most likely I haven’t, but … it’s what I’ve only seen for 6 years. It’s just strange… how I will need to get a job and need to go to college. It’s like I’m gonna actually miss the routine of school. Perish the thoughts, but it’s true. Oi… institutionalised…but yes I was like Jekyll and Hyde with my cap and gown. In front of my friends I was deliriously happy. But now it’s just like … I am not anticipating it. I think something is wrong with me. Oi…


  1. Linkin Park has a new album out? I didn’t know…I agree with you, they’re a great band, and their lyrics are great. I think a lot of people don’t like them because they’re popular. *shrugs*

  2. They aren’t bad. I don’t see why people like to crap on them so much. I like some of their music.

    I felt that way when I graduated. I really missed the routine for sometime.

  3. Cap and Gown? …I think I knnow what you’re talking about. Are those those square hat things everyone throws in the air? Lol, I’m not even sure if we do that next year ><' I thought it was just a movie thing. And yes, Linkin Park ROCKS! I heard their new album blew but I love their first, I listen to it every day on the way to school ^^'

  4. WHO SAYS LINKIN PARK IS A WHINING BAND!!?? WHO??!! I’ll kick their asses for saying that. They’re tight, alright? I love their songs. I agree with you, Tara, cuz the lyrics in their songs relates to me, too. I haven’t listened to their latest album. I knew it was out, but I just didn’t listen. Too busy listening to Eminem and 50 cents cause of hyung and netjje… Anyways, I know how you feel about school. I feel that way to a school I’ve only gone three years to so you must be in a worse fix. Believe me, some of your other friends share your feelings, but are kinda hiding them like you are. Hell, I couldn’t leave elementary school in 5th grade. I wanted to cry when I left Middle School in 8th grade. I just can’t imagine this time. And being separated from all the other friends besides you and Dathan… *SIGH* this is going to be tough.

    Hey, did you see Ice Age? That movie was funny. I felt so sorry for that squirrel. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, try to watch that movie. It’s a worth watching cartoon.

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