Xzibit Concert

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Oh my god. That was one kickass concert. Of course Chilli Peppers was better, but this was an interesting one as well. But anyways on to my blogging.

Again, I had to fight with my mum to get permission to go. My dad is so lenient. My mum isn’t. My mum said no and I asked why and she said that she doesn’t want me to because she say I will have my chance during college. Right whatever. Good artists hardly come to Korea, so fuck that bullshit. But whatever. In the end I won. After being a very immature bitch about it, but whatever. I ended up buying the ticket at Dragon. It was 46 bucks for the concert and the actual party. Not a bad deal.

But yes. Jen, Charles, Drew, James, and I were the ones going. We met at Drew’s. Went to Gate 17 to catch a shuttle bus for 2,000 won, which was about 1.50 I suppose. Got there in an hour. It was being held at Sheraton Grand Walker Hill Hotel’s Grand Ballroom. We got there. Got our tickets approved, got a wrist band thing. Waited till after 8 o’clock. Got in and … Blah.

The first hour and a half nearly killed me. I was standing up near the front and during that time all these Korean rappers came on stage. I wanted to just DIE. Some of them were good, but it dragged on like forever. The only good part was that I discovered that they were selling alcoholic drinks. Yes alcoholic drinks! Which was funny because they weren’t gonna sell and then they were. XD Good thing they don’t check IDs! I got me a screwdriver! Mwahaha! And I didn’t get buzz! Good for me!

Well throughout the programme, we went in and out of the ballroom. Other than Korean artists, we saw Big Boy, DJ Eman, Hound Dog (I think that’s his name?), and of course Xzibit!~ Or should I call him Xzidit or Xzigbit. *laughs* Koreans just misspell his name a lot ^^;; Poor guy. We got quite a kick out of that when we saw the name misspelled. But damn. They were good. I tolerate rap/hiphop, but didn’t care about them as much. However after this concert, it changed my views about it. They were good. Their songs got nice beat to it and even though I didn’t understand half the lyrics (I need to READ the lyrics to understand what they are saying), I enjoyed it.

However the best part was when the concert was over. The after-party had started and Xzibit and Hound Dog, were in the back doing autographs. We were able to get pretty close to them, but we couldn’t get autographs at first. The damn security (I believe they are the same ones from the Chilli Peppers concert) wouldn’t let us get autographs unless we bought tape, cd, or tee-shirt, for ridicoulous amount of money. >_< ;; DAMN! But then Charles, Went up to them behind the line, called and complimented Hound Dog. He was like telling Charles to come over, but the damn security wouldn't let us through. So instead Charles handed him his Kobe Bryant jersey and Hound Dog and Xzibit signed it. Oh my god. That was just awesome! What is with our luck with our two concerts so far! I didn't get anything signed (unless you count me asking some Korean rapper I liked, and we happened to see him outside), but I didn't care. ^^ I got to see them up REAL close. That is good enough for me. And beside Charles is the hiphop fan, so he deserves it. Man I think I danced in there more than ever. Of course we didn’t really danced, but we sure moved to the beat a lot. And had our hands up in the air. ^_^;; Ah… it was fun! It was worth it!


  1. HELL YEAH THE CONCERT WAS AWESOME! You were on her blogging five minutes after I went to bed. *laughs* I had to eat SOMETHING. Those fries at Bless U were gross but still good. They were good but you couldn’t eat too much of ’em. Wish I had the Nachos instead… or the curry! YUM!

  2. Lady Athena on

    *looks at entry* Long entry…ahem…anyway, yup, I know how it feels to argue with your mother about something, only it’s reversed at my house. My dad is the one I have to fight with, my mom is more lenient than he is. Of course, I’ll be 21 this year (I’ll be able to drink strawberry dakeries legally), so that’s good. Maybe if I keep my mouth shut up until the summertime, I’ll be able to go to a concert, hmm….Anyway, ja!

  3. It’s good that you had such a great time at the concert. It’s better that you go throught stuff like that before you are in college. People are easily distracted in college and you need to keep as much focus as possible.

  4. oh you’re so lucky.

  5. EYJH & OYJ on

    You so lucky….which Korean rappers were there?

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