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Oi people. When I said the stuff about the whore thing, I didn’t mean it at all. But that will be my last course of survival method if nothing else works XD. But yeah whatever. I feel better. Thanks for caring.

I’ve come to a conclusion that V-day is a god-awful day of crass commercialism. The only good thing? Chocolate. Yes. Chocolates and candies rule. I was just disgusted to see half the high school getting this and that gift. I’m just thinking to myself, do they even know what real love is? Or do they think buying someone something so extragravant will woo someone off their fucking feet? Gag me, please. V-day has lost its meaning for a long time now. Argh.

Here’s a survey I yanked from Chibi Misao. And Hoshiko, I hope you feel better. *hugs*

Ethics/Personal Life:
Has a blog post ever got you into trouble?
Yeah a dork ass flamed me on his blog about my Livingstone’s entry back in PD days. And when I blogged about this one girl “stealing” my layout sorta got me into this trouble.

How many people do you know face-to-face who read your weblog?
7 people. I don’t want many to read it. And these 7 are ones who reads it more than once every blue moon.

Have you met any of your regional (or even remote) bloggers?
Nope… I’d love to meet some though!

Do you modify or delete posts? How often? Why?
Not very often. And I only delete posts if it was a mistake posting. Like double posting lol.

How has blogging changed your life?
Well it hasn’t really. Other than the fact that I know a lot more people now and that it’s an excuse to make layouts and stay on the net. LoL.

Do you know how to code at all? Did you learn how to code by blogging?
Yes I know how to code dammit. I leanred it through not only this site, but through many other sites.

What weblogging tool do you use and why?
I used to self-power the bloody thing. But then I wanted comments function thing. So I’ve tried blogger for one day. I hated it. Then couple weeks later, I finally figured out what CHMOD meant, so I’ve uploaded Greymatter. It took 3 days to figure it out and after that I’ve become satisfied with it ^_^. Greymatter rules. I’ve helped set up so many people’s Greymatter, that I was known as a greymatter queen.

Does the design seem like something that is just something that has to be dispensed with in order to be able to write publicly, or is your design an integral part of your writing and presentation?
Well I like to make nice layout so it’s for me and for the other people’s benefit. But there was that period of time I had a crappy brappy layout up because of a horrible layout block. Apparently that didn’t stop people from still coming here. I like how people like my layouts, but I want them to like my blog for the contents ^^

How many times have you changed your weblog design entirely (or nearly so)?
Counting PD as well, it was 29.5 times. *falls over* Dang…I didn’t know it was that much…

How many people would you guess (educated guess based on hit counts/logfiles) read your weblog on a weekly basis at least?
Weekly, I don’t know. Daily, about 40-50 a day.

What have you done to get more people to look at your site?
Uh go to other blogs or convince them to look at it if they are my close friends ^^… Really I hardly do anything. Just leave comments at various blogs. And I don’t do that to make visitors come to me. I do it cuz I want to leave comments.

What one or two characteristics make a blog really popular? Are there things that you could do to have more people read your weblog that you conciously do not do? Why?
Contents/Designs and Attitude. Content is important. Espescially what it is about and how you express it. Design too. I am not asking for a professionally design one, but at least it’s decent enough. And attitude… well I do not want to go to a blog that only flames other people. I don’t want to go to a blog that just post quiz results and all that crap. If the person is nice and their entries and designs catches my opinion, then I’ll like it.

What really popular weblog do you think most deserves it…and/or least deserves it?
Uh… you know that is really too many to name… just go to my darn Linkage section and go to the blogs on there ^_^.

How do you feel about your readership? What makes for a quality readership to you?
Well. I really like the people that takes the time to read and comment on it. It just lets me know that they actually care. I mean I’m sure many read and not leave comments and that’s okay! But it makes me a bit happier to read feedback at times. ^_^;;

Influence of Other Bloggers:
What other blogger is most responsible for you starting your own weblog?
Misty. I had no clue what a weblog or a blog was in the first place till she explained it to me.

Who was the first other blogger (that you know of) who put you on their sidebar, and how did you feel? How did it influence your blogging?
Misty, I think. I honestly don’t remember!

What other blogger do you most admire for her writing skills?
Definitely not mine. XD Hrm… honestly a lot of people. Go check my linkage again!

What other blogger do you most admire for her design skills?
Everyone on my linkage list. But the one that gets me to drop my mouth open is Kiara and Felicia.

Who is a blogger that you think is really good but doesn’t get nearly the attention they are worthy of?
Uh…wasn’t this asked in a similar form up there?

Do you feel obligated to have people on your link lists/sidebars that you never read?
I used too lol. But nowadays I link if I remember to link them. And I do take the time to read some, but I haven’t been reading much anyways. x_x;; Time is so short.

What one or two characteristics define a really quality blog (in your humble opinion, of course)?
Someone who opens up my mind in realisation. Someone who I can relate to. Someone who sounds mature enough ^^


  1. Man… Sorry to hear all of that. Your mom IS being a real bitch and she shouldn’t treat you that way regardless. Sadly, that is the way of the typical "Korean mama" though. : Hope you feel better. And yes, Valentines’ Day sucks.

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