JRM Layout

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Yes. New layout there. ^_^ Go see. Features Jonathan Rhys-Meyers. ^_^ Whee! Leave comments please!


  1. nice layout! happy valentines anyway!

  2. Chibi Misao on


    glad you’re feeling better ^___^

  3. Very spiffy new layout!!! I love it!!! And Happy Hearts Day, Tara!!! *huggles*

  4. i like it! its cute ^________^

  5. Hehe, this layout is soc ute

  6. Pretty new layout at TCK, Tara! :DD

  7. Cute, not a fan of smoking but meh ;) Just to let you know my blog moved to http://aigoo-chamna.net/, could you please change your link? Thanks hun :)

  8. Dude, Tara, I love you! Thanks bunches for the GLAY postcards! You have to stop wasting money on me! I will look for something cool to send you back, but don’t expect anything outstanding. Again, thanks a lot for the surprise! <3333

  9. wow Tara-chan, it looks great!! very original, you’re so talented ;)

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