Losing My Mind

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Don’t ask about my current song. I’m in my Disney’s music mood. And this was one of the song I had stuck in my head all day today x_X;;

I’m losing my mind. I’ve called a strawberry, spaghetti. Beside Circle of Life, I had the stupid Spaghetti song (really it’s called Funiculi, Funicula) stuck in my head all day.

I’m truly insane.

And I hate English class now. I miss David. I miss having someone to annoy. Oh well. I at least got Kristine to annoy in 7th period now. x_X;; But of course no one is more fun then David. Blargh.

Life sucks when you are sleepy. I want to know whoever got the bright idea that people function the best from 8 to 11 AM. That’s fucking bullshit. That’s what my dad told me when I asked why they must make us take the SATs that early. Uhm, right. Whatever. That’s BS. Instead of taking the test with gusto, I was forcing myself to keep my eyes open. Sure I could go to bed earlier, but that fucking don’t help. 8 – 11 is not my time of awareness. I’m more aware Early Evening to Late Evening. XD.

This was a useless post. I’m going to shut up and now I’m gonna have Hakuna Matata stuck in my head. AUGH!


  1. That’s crazy. I don’t know anyone who functions properly at that time. My best hours are in the late evenings/early morning hours.

  2. functioning at 8-11?????? Helll no!!!!!!!!!!! sleep sleeep seeeeeelpy time i say! Also the whole disney song, disney awesome …geeze Im such a lil kid at heart!

  3. I have just one question–it deals with the survey–and I just couldn’t help but ask: what the hell is going on when you say "7th Heaven" is your all-time fav. TV show? Oh my God. I never expected that.

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