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M. Night Shyalaman is a genius. He is just an excellent story teller. This movie wasn’t your typical ETish movie at all. This might have been his first movie to use special effects, but you can still tell that he didn’t use it much. I like that idea. These days movies uses too much SE, that it takes away the feelings and emotions of the movie.

But yes. Mel Gibson and Joaquin Phoenix showed good partnership in this movie. I thought it was funny in that one part of the movie where both were gonna run around the house. Mel was like I don’t curse, and Joaquin was like then make noises. LoL. That was just funny.

And the 2 kids. Oh man they were so cute! And is the guy that plays Morgan… is he related to Maculay and Kieran Culkin? Or is Culkin a common name? *shrugs* Oi… If they are related then there are too many Culkins around lol. But Bo was so cute! And her water problem… I thought that was an interesting foreshadow. Of course until near the end, I didn’t realise it was one, but nevertheless that was kind of neat.

I liked the crop signs. It was kind of neat. I guess I got this things for symbols. But yeah. It was kind of obvious that it was being used as a navigational thingie. Hrm… I want that book the kids were reading in the movie. Looks like a pretty damn interesting book.

All in all the movie was a typical Shyalaman’s movie. Good storyline, very emotional, startling, good music, and etc etc. Funny… the music reminded me of something from Twilight Zone. I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s what he was aiming for. ^_^


  1. Yes, he is related to the Culkin brothers. It’s their little brother. And yes, all the Culkins are related. ^^. And yes, that was one of the funniest parts.

  2. Jamie on

    Yeah, he’s a Culkin. His name is Rory. I love the Culkins…esp. Kieran.

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