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Sung, they called my house phone. I haven’t got a cell ^^;; Don’t want one, don’t need one, and don’t like them. I only like my dad’s and I rather borrow it, then have my own. Don’t ask ^^;; That prank caller, called again. I thought it was, for some very odd reasons, Eric. Don’t ask Eric. But … really was it you?! I hope not. I have a feeling it’s Livingstone, but I can’t be sure. But I haven’t heard from him in two days, so all is good. *nods* I think he realised I was a boring prank caller XD. Yay!

I was gonna go see 8 Mile today and … I met up with Jen. But … I forgot my blasted ID card. Shite. Oh well. Nothing else is really going in my life right now. Other than the fact that I finally met Lori. She’s real cool. Got a real nice sense of humour. ^_^ But whatever.

I’ve become a salad freak. Amazing. Thanks to Italian dressing. XD. Hee hee! ^_^ What is your favourite dressing? Just wondering, my faithful readers!


  1. Hehe I’ve never had a prank caller. But if I did I’d sit there and act like a telemarketer :D
    Hmm favourite salad dressings, well I guess for me it matters what type of salad it is or what I’m eating the dressing with. But my favs would be italian, caesar, ranch and the Olive Garden blend. But what is really good is this veggie salad with all these types of beans(kidney, chick peas, etc) and then it has a vinegrette dressing. It’s soo good :D

  2. >:B Italian.

  3. Italian dressing is my favorite! We always eat more salad whenever we go to Cici’s Pizza than we eat pizza itself! That’s a bit silly, I know.

  4. Prank caller? I’ve only recently heard about them. Hmm…hope whoever it is doesn’t bother you again. Oh, I like Italian dressing too. Ranch is our second fav. Um, I don’t think he means this in a bad way, but duljje-hyung is saying that eating more salad would be good for you since you would lose weight. Well, that doesn’t really matter but eating salad does keep you healthy so eat more, okay nuna?

  5. You got a prank call…and you accuse us? Me or duljje-hyung? I’m just curious, which one of us? Don’t answer that, there’s no point in it. Oh, did you read duljje-hyung’s last entry a few days back? Did you? Well, in case you haven’t, I’ll just tell you now: I have a boyfriend now! ^_^ I just can’t wait till I meet him.

  6. Oh yeah, like I’m going to sit down and waste my time giving you a prank call when #1: I can’t afford that #2 It’s stupid #3 It’s a waste of my time #4 I would much rather have a full conversation with you than just prank a call. Use your head, silly! Sorry, that’s just a line from this one Nappy Roots song that I’ve been listening to lately. Or should I say what hyung’s been listening to. Oh, he too is hitting on this one guy now. Spread the word….

  7. That was an innocent question to ask, Tara, but also a very dumb one. I’ll add a fifth reason to hyung’s reasons as to why: #5 We don’t know your phone number. Let’s think for a moment now. How would we have been able to call you? We would like to, but we can’t. Are we all on the same page now? Good. So how come you haven’t been emailing? I thought someone already explained to you what happened the last time on chat through an email. Didn’t you get that email? If you did, please respond. I’m getting tired to having no one to respond back to while netjje writes out these love letters to his man in Singapore.

  8. EYH and EH on

    We like Italian dressing, by the way. Our second fav. is Ranch.

  9. My fav. is Italian too. Ranch #2.

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