Prank Call

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I’ve updated, Cineblog. Yay. ^_^

And I’ve received a strange prank call. At least I think it was a prank call. I think it was Charles. Or maybe some unknown dude. All I know is that I think I annoyed him more than him annoying me. LoL. At first I did say something to him, and then I just concentrated on writing down addresses on the envelope and didn’t say anything to that person till they hung up first. XD. So the lesson of the day is that if you want to prank call me, do it if you want to be the one getting annoyed instead of me! ^_^ Hee hee!


  1. I usually just hang up right away. It feels like they are wasting my time.

  2. lol tara! whats your cell number? =]

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