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Despite the fact that I have seen this in 7th grade or so, I have finally reseen it. Since this time I saw it with subtitles (Obviously I like reading better than listening), I understand it better.

Anyways, Robert Zemeckis is amazing. I could never get tired of his films at all. When I found out that this guy was the same dude that did Forrest Gump and Castaway, I squealed inside. ^_^ But his films are just good. He ranks on my director list that includes of Steven Spielberg and M. Night Shamalayn (sp?).

This film was brilliant and sad. I like how they portrayed the science and the religion aspect of the contact thing. I mean I don’t like religion to be honest, but I am not one to shun other POVs. Even if theirs just make no bloody sense sometimes. Bleh. Whatever. But the idea of having other sentinent races in our universe intruges me. I agree that as big as our universe is, if we are the only one, then it sure is a waste of space.

Jodie Foster is a good actress. She played Ellie well and you could see the pain of losing her father still affect her older self. Matthew McConaughey was hot. I liked his accent in that movie. Wonder if that is his real accent? Hrm. I’ll find out by watching other movies he’s been in. Kent Clark … damn the actor that plays him looks so fucking familar. Where else have I seen him? Okay so I’ve seen him in Armageddon and in Pearl Harbour. But why is it that he seems to have played a blind man in another movie other than this one? Shite this is bugging me.

But yes this movie is tear-jerking at parts and just gorgeus. The scenery in the so-called Pensacola beach was just awestrucking. The graphics was just hella good. That huge machine that looks like onion rings that are just attached together was pretty cool. The Adolf Hitler footage… I remember seeing that in 7th grade and got shivers from it. I guess I still do. And all that science and math crap that they were talking about in there, I actually understood some of those! Freaky. Yes. Very.

But couple things did confuse me about the movie. What the heck was Hadden’s intention? I mean why of all the people, he chose Ellie? It just makes no sense to me. I mean sure she believed in life in other galaxies, but there were others as well. *shrugs* Oh well. Maybe if I read the actual novel, I’ll understand it. Yes since this is based off of a novel, I must go read it one day. ^_^

Despite my intelligence in math and science department, I really do like the study of astronomy (I’d suck at it since all the stars look pretty much the same to me x_X) and the study of the universe. The planets and all that other crap is interesting to me. I mean I’ve always wondered why Earth is the only planet in our Milky Way galaxy that has life till this day? I mean sure some planets might not have the capability of having life, but couldn’t they adapt? I mean for Venus, it’s got deadly gases and sulfuric acid rain. Life seems impossible, but couldn’t there be a way for that planet to form life?

Hrm… I’m getting into my scientific mode here. That’s not a good sign. But whatever. Movies about ET and similar subjects gets me hooked. That is if it’s a good movie and it doesn’t bore me to an extent. ^^ But Contact was a good film. The idea of contacting other beings seems interesting, but yet at the same time… scary. I think I’ve seen Independence Day too much. Haha. ^_^ Anyone who hasn’t seen it it, SEE IT! It’s a must see movie. About the only scary thing about this movie is that, it could happen. Maybe not exactly what happened in Contact, but it we could get contact of aliens in the future. It’s just a huge question that rests on some people’s shoulder.


  1. Hm, I didn’t know it was based off a novel. I haven’t seen that movie in ages. I’ll pick up the book sometime.

  2. Lady Athena on

    My parents have this movie. It was really good when I saw it. I believe I was in 10th grade the first time I saw this movie. I was especially glad of the fact that the romance wasn’t overdone. The special affects and the storyline were just amazing! I really, really enjoyed this movie.

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