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New site. Yes. New site again. ^_^ My movie blog. Since I’m a movie whore and I love watching movies, I figured that making a blog just strictly for my movie escapee made sense. ^_^ Do check it out if you got the times. ^_^ Leave a comment there or something, please. ^^

ZZZZZZZ … well I’m REALLY tired and it’s 2 AM so… I think that’s my cue to sleep. Later!


  1. ahh! *baps herself on the head* owchie… I’m a bad krysten because I never told you about my site moving X.x;;; is now, you’re still listed as a sibling, if that’s okay with you? My new aim screenname is mabubjangmi – drop me a line! love you! <3

  2. cool layout

  3. *SINGS* You Got it You Got it Bad! When you’re on the phone…….

    I love that song! ^_^

  4. Hey Tara, you know how some people never actually meet, but they really get to like each other and want to meet each other and unofficially go out with each other, calling themselves bf/gf and stuff like that? You know, right? Good, cuz if YOU didn’t, then I don’t know who does. Anyways, I’ll give you two guesses, but you’re only going to need one guess at what I’m about to ask you: guess whose got a boyfriend now?

  5. You do understand what hyung is saying, right? Okay, then I have a question for you too: guess who is looking for a practical "partner?" Believe me, you might need two guesses on this one…

  6. Hey nuna, how come other guys don’t call their male friends as boyfriends?

  7. TARA!! remember me?! ANNA!! or nuriko-chan :DD lols. how long has it been? how are you xD~

  8. Hi! I’m a new visitor! I must say I /adore/ this layout!

  9. killer idea! Go movie junkies!

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