I Spy

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Well before I go on the actual movie rant, let me see if this works…

Well now that I know it works, on to my rant! ^^

“I Spy” was an interesting movie. Not one of the best movie, but it’s humour certainly was worthy. My friend dragged me to see it since Eddie Murphy happens to be one of her favourite comedy actor or so. Frankly I’m glad she did. It was hilarious. Eddie Murphy and Owen Wilson sure was a good team. They are so damn opposite of each other so it works out. I thought that during the movie Eddie’s character was going to mature a bit. He didn’t and I guess in a way that makes sense since without his annoyingness, the movie would have been dull. But his character did catch on fast.

The special effect on the stealth plane was cool. I liked it. But I don’t get why they see themselves, like a reflection. I think if I remember correctly. I thought that was quite odd. However beside that the storyline was quite boring. It was pretty damn predictable. Except for maybe that Rachel girl being on this and this side. I mean jeez… double agent and then triple agent and so forth so on? After seeing that, it’s kinda hard to trust people now XD. But jeez. She was annoying. I was just like … so who’s side are you on now BITCH. Jeez >_< . Despite the cons, the pros made it up. The humour … man I never knew Owen could be so funny. I knew Eddie Murphy was funny, but Owen? Heck no. For some reason he strikes me as a serious, no-nonsense actor. But whatever. I wouldn’t get this movie on dvd, but I’d certainly would watch it for free. XD Mwahaha! Freebies rule.


  1. My mother refused to see I Spy, because she said it destroyed one of her favorite TV shows…(coincidentallly also named "I Spy"). But, hmmm, if it’s that funny, I might rent it after all…

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