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I am happy. I got my Visual Basics grade. ^_^ They are:

1st Quarter: 107%
2nd Quarter: 103%
Exam: 123%
Semester: A

*does a happy dance* I nearly fell out of my seat when I saw my exam grade. If you want to see my exam (it was that bloody project I kept on whining about) download here. Don’t worry. It’s NOT a virus. Hell I bloody don’t even know that many advanced code for VB yet anyways… but nevertheless, just in case scan it first.

I saw three movies in two days. They were: Velvet Goldmine, Catch Me If You Can, & This Is My Father. Here are my opinions on them.

Velvet Goldmine
I loved it. Ewan and Johnathan and Christian were all sexy. But … wow. It was confusing. At the end when Ewan gave Christian that earring thing, does that mean they are hooking up? x_x;; Aiya. Dammit. Oh well. But I loved the accent! British accents are sexy! And Johnathan… oh my gods. He was just breathtaking. And the music all rocked. I wouldn’t have minded living in a time period like that! It sounded fun. But then again I doubt such period existed. And the homosexual scenes. *grins like a maniac* I absolutely had no fucking problems with it! I must see more movies such as this. ^_^ Despite the confusion, I loved it.

Catch Me If You Can
Tom Hanks. TOM HANKS!!!! *_* He was bloody brilliant! He played his part very well. I liked how he treated Leo as if he was his own son. And Leo… man he was brilliant as well. It’s just so funny how he managed to do all that. I mean sheesh. Airforce dude to doctor to lawyer to this and that. Jeez! And it was a true story? Shite! Man. That guy was most certainly clever. But the movie was excellent. Steven Spielberg done it again.

This Is My Father
Aidan Quinn is my new concubine. And same with John Cousack. ^_^ But damn this was one sad movie. So romantic too. And Irish accents!!! So cute. But dude… I’d hate to live in a society like there where Church practically run your life! *shivers* Damn. They just love enforcing God on you. That’s just ridicoulous. And Fiona’s mum was a bitch. So were the Maney’s. And Kieran… poor guy. He really did have a harsh life. But yes… it was sad. But it was a remarkable movie. The sceneries were gorgeus. Irish landscapes are just pretty. I would love to visit there one day. *sighs*

Yep. Movies rule. And … Long I will watch Shawshank Redemption soon! ^_^;;; Anyways I’m out.


  1. I haven’t seen Velvet Goldmine in ages. God, that was a good movie.

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