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Yessiree. New look. Finally something eyecandyish. And I broke it down to pieces! Mwahaha. What you think? I finally made a decent layout! Yay! ^_^ Tell me tell me tell me! ^^

And I’m planning on closing down Ani-Melodic, Musical Me, and My Precious. Too lazy to maintain them and lost interest in them. So if you’ve joined, than delete the code. Thank you.

And thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes and gift! ^_^ I love you guys! *huggles* And I got SATs tomorrow. Who had the brilliant idea of putting SAT on an exam week? >_<;; Bleh. My exams...bleh. Don't want to think about it. *shudders* Anyways, I'll blog more later!


  1. ooooooooooooooooh no more crappy bappy! this layout is so cuuuuute hehe. lookin good!

  2. *falls* I LOVE THIS LAYOUT! O_O It’s SO cute!

  3. go tc.

  4. Chibi Misao on

    Me LOVE!! ^_^ Cute layout!! I think it may be one of my favorites of aigoo-chamna:)

    Happy belated birthday, and good luck with your SATs *stabs the test*

  5. Lol I love this layout ^^’ it’s so blue! =( Too bad about the cliques though, I loved being part of them, but I guess if they’re gone they’re gone right ;)

  6. I think I already commented on this in TL but I just had to do it again: this layout is just so cute! *glomps*

    And good luck with the SAT’s!

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