Happy Birthday To Me

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Happy Birthday, Me. Yay. 18. I’m legally allowed to vote. Not that I find that a huge feat or anything. But whatever. I’m 18. And I fucking don’t feel 18. I feel … like a 12 year old right now. No I feel like I’m living in a nightmare at the moment. Yes. There we go. That makes more sense. Actually I am not making ANY sense. That’s what I get for being half awake and being stressed with an unfinished project dammit. Shit. I am screwed. But fuck that. I am sick of trying to get good grades. Bah. Hell it looks like at the moment that Mike Collier and I are the only ones who will actually graduate from our group anyways. I mean, Jesus. I know my group hates school but if they hate it so much, then they should hurry up and get out instead of trying to stay back.

Anyways. I had fun yesterday. For the most part. Met up with Jen, Charles, and Sheila. Were gonna go to TGIF, but then since Amy backed out, and we didn’t know where it was at Shinchon, we went to Oasis at Dragon to eat. Oh man. It was embarassing to be sung to. Espescially a long ass Elvis song. x_X;; I was practically dying of embarassment. But yeah I did get free cake. It was good. After that I had to meet Michael at the theatre to tell him that I couldn’t see the movie tonight, that I had to go to Bless U to see Amy for one last time since she’s leaving today. Michael didn’t like Bless U. Let’s just keep it at that.

And speaking of Michael… my mum found the hickey last night and let’s just say she fucking dislike my actions. She doesn’t want me to do these shit. Hell she doesn’t even want me to kiss guys till I fucking get married. What kind of bullshit is that? I honestly do not know. I mean hell, compared to a hell lot of other girls, I’m a fucking goody goody two shoes! Have I ever fucking had a snog session before now? Have I ever just been in a damn relationship for sex? Have I ever went to a fucking motel and slept. NO! Jesus. I know I’m a good girl to some point, but how much GOOD to I have to be?! I can’t be a damn virgin Mary good! I can’t! I’d go insane like that! My mum just DOESN’T understand the fact that most people do not wait till they are fucking bonded.

*rub eyes tiredly* I don’t know if I want to pursue a relationship while I’m living with her. Why can’t she be supportive? Why does she have to act like a fucking Asian mum. She wants to be my best friend. Well no. I don’t want that. I want a supportive, understanding mother. She can’t expect me to be like her. Hell. I can’t. I cannot keep a promise of being a damn virgin till I marry. I ain’t gonna keep any promises that I cannot keep and that is most certainly one of them. Hell. I do not know if I like Michael at the moment. I do, but I don’t know. Experiences. That’s why he wants to go out with me? What does that mean in normal language? I do not understand guy’s language. Hell I don’t even want to BOTHER deciphering it.

Michael if you are reading this, than … don’t get offended. I’m confuse. I’m tired. I’m stressed. I’m peeved. I’m just plain emotional right now. It’s not your fault. I’m … argh. Whatever. I’ll shut up.

Oh and here’s a list of stuff I got for birthday:

Mum: 50 bucks and 50 thousand won
Dad: Nadesico DVD Set
Michael: Shawshank Redemption DVD
Sheila: 10 thousand won
Aunt: Sweater
Everyone else: Birthday wishes.


  1. ^________^ HAPPY BIRTHDAY TARA! *Showers confetti on Tara*

    Sorry to hear you’re having problems with your mother though. Don’t let it get to you, reall.. Have your freaking relationship! She’ll just have to realize that you’re a person too! (Although Asian mothers have a problem with fully acknowledging that most of the time).

  2. Happy Birthday Tara ^.^

  3. Happy birthday to you! I was gonna wait till you got online but you haven’t yet…although it’s the 20th right now, isn’t it the 21st over there?? Well, in my time I’m not late :D
    I know how you feel about the whole turning 18 thing, just went through that 14 days ago…


    I think I can wait until I’m 18… you get to vote and that’s about it. I don’t smoke, I won’t waste my money on porn, and if you get in trouble, you get to go to prison. Yay. Sorry, if that drags you down, heh.. :/

  5. wah u got the nadesico set! lucky!!

  6. OMG! I forgot your birthday was coming up! How could I? Damn me!

  7. Oh fucking hell…I forgot your birthday was coming up…shit…

  8. Jesus H. Christ. I forgot about your birthday…and I call myself a friend of yours…damn

  9. Tara, I won’t say much right now because I feel like kicking myself, but on your comment about not being able to hold your virginity till you are married…I understand you. Okay, as for your birthday thing………..uh, happy birthday?

  10. *GASP* I’m so sorry nuna that I forgot….

  11. Hi Tara-chan!! Didn’t know it was your b-day, but now that I know I made you something, I hope you like:

    PS: sorry if it doesn’t work ;)

  12. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry for being so late, dearets sister! ;_; *glomptackle*

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