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Wow. Today was, by far, the strangest, weirdest, yet interesting day for me. Not too mention personal. I don’t think I can blog about it entirely. x_X;; But yet I don’t know.

Today started off normally. I woke up after getting enough sleep. Then I got on the pc and blah blah blah. I had plan to meet Michael today at 3, so I went to the foodcourt and waited for him. He came. Then we went to the PX and he bought me Shawshank Redemption on DVD. Yes Long-oppa, be glad. I will finally watch it XD. Also at the PX, I withdrew 50 bucks to give to my cousin as a birthday gift and got him a card.

Then we ate lunch at Townhouse. Since I didn’t want to go home yet (despite the fact how I had to do that project) we went to the cafe near my house. Oh it started innocently enough. He bought me Cold Chocolate drink and got himself a strawberry shake. Then we were just talking about this and that. And we got into conversation about boyfriend/girlfriends. That went on and then he said who would want him, that’s fat and etc. I said that I wouldn’t mind since I am not that superficial.

Then we got into this banter thing and the conversation is at the moment over my head. I started using him as a pillow and he, might I add, is a very NICE pillow XD. Then we got into a strange conversation about my boobs. x_x;; He claimed I got nice boobs. I denied it. But whatever. I am not describing my boobs in here! But then he put his arms around me, (BTW: The course of action is probably all out of order because my head is jumbled up right now) and started ah… how should I say this, feeling my bra straps through my shirt? Yes. There we go. And he started poking me in the side and that fucking tickled. That got me to go closer to him and blah blah blah.

Next thing I know our faces are so close to each other and he gently brushed his lips over mine. Uh then the moment was a bit uncomfortable. He apologised and I brushed it off. I think. GAH! I cannot remember. Let’s just say um… we started making out pretty soon. Yes. Let’s end at that.But ah… er… ah… wow. It was interesting… but … um… I think we moved too fast today. But other than that… wow. I never thought I’d be making out with him. x_X;; Oh I’ve had fantasies, considering how I liked him in 8th grade and he rejected me than, and now this is all happening. Can we say that my life is bizzare? Oi…

But yes whatever. I do not know if we are an item yet. I think we are. Are we Mike? Oh and if you are reading this, thank you SO much for that hicky… GAH! Let’s hope I can hide it VERY well from my parents lol. But yes… it was an odd day. There is even more to it, but I will not blog it here. Bye bye.


  1. oooooh someones gettin lucky ^_-

  2. Hee hee! It looks that way Tuan!! Muaha! Tara had fuuuun!

  3. hehe Tara-chan. sounds like you had some fun :D *thumbs up*

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