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Okay that’s not my mood, but it certainly is THAT time of the month for me. Gargh. Stupid schedule. I need to start jotting it down. *looks for a pen to jot down on calendar*



I got that today! ^_^ For only 50 bucks at the PX. Whoot! I believe that is my early birthday present. Yay. Unfortunately I do not have the bloody time to watch it. I’ll watch it next weekend, after my exams! Whoot! I can’t wait. I’ve seen couple eps of it on TV before and I liked it. And it’s mecha anime. And most know I can’t stand most mecha animes XD. Whee! Hurry up weekend!

Welp, now to continue on my evil VB project. Hope I can get it done by next Tuesday. Bleh. Evil.


  1. man this sucks

    ugh another day tomorrow
    i need to take down the art show…
    lots of good stuff

  2. Chibi Misao on

    u_u NOOOO! Why must JK Rowling make us wait so long? I might not be able to get to a bookstore on that date ~_~ *GAH*

    —spark of insanity has left the blog

  3. ::Shock:: What about Evangelion? That’s actually really good. Keep in mind, this is coming from someone who is very picky with her Anime.

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