Bunch of Crap

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Ah. It feels so good to have VDSL. I don’t have to dialup with that thing anymore. Just have the modem on and tadah! I’m on XD.

But anyways the past few days been messed up and today, at Main Post, is messed up as well. From 2 – 5, the new SK President is coming on that post and no one is allowed to go in or out of that post. Not to mention no one is allowed to get out of the building. Also no one can go to their windows. X_X and I thought I was paranoid. But whatever.

Right now this shit about banning NC17 HP fics is going on. Driving me nuts. I hear this and that and it’s confusing. I do know one thing. I will not be let down without a good fight (I wasn’t named a stubborn bitch for nothing!) and I will continue to write. I do not give a damn about those idiots. Bleh. Of course there is more to the situation, but it’s too long to blog now. I’ll do it later or something. If I feel like it. But I cannot believe Restrictedsection.org got a so-called Cease & Desist letter. I just want to know if that bloody thing is legal and real or not. Oh well.


  1. ive never read fanfiction before…and i never will. i’m just about always happy with what the orginal authors/writers/produces etc give us.

  2. lucky. i still have dialup and when i download mp3s the fastest it goes is 5kb. arugh damnit. i dislike the new SK president.

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