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VDSL BABY!! No more crappy dial-up ADSL!! Oh bloody hell! 100 mbps … what a speed. And before my DSL was supposed to be at 10 mbps. Or so they claimed. Before it only reached 8.1 mbps. But now it’s supposedly 100 mbps. ^_^ And cheaper! Mwahaha!

*glomps her internet related junk* Oh man. Being away from my email accounts >_<;; I ended up getting 400+ messages in both accounts. Needless to say I was dying when I saw all that messages lol. But really I don't care! I was dying without this bloody thing called internet connection, so I am glad to have it now! Woot! Yahoo! Cheer! Banzai! Yippee! And I am making no sense! XD I shut up now!


  1. my god, you had 8mpbs and u were complaining? and now u get 100?!?!?! *sigh*

  2. Congrats on the new connection!

  3. -.- Lucky you. I’mma come over more often now.

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