Damn Connection

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My connection has died again. I swear this is just not my favourite time of the year. All stressed about Exam week and crap I have to do. I mean this is just a fine time for my PC connection die when I need to do Cisco and Visual Basic crap. I am cranky and stressed. Not to mention Mi Son leaves today. We are gonna eat lunch with couple other peeps today so yeah. My Net died, I gotta do a freaking project for VB and Cisco, exams week coming up, and I got all these fanfics and designing to do. Woe is ME. So I’ll be busy for the next couple weeks. But knowing me I’ll be a procrastinator XD. And I’ll still blog. I haven’t been in the mood to do so lately. Sorry. Oh well.


  1. life without the internet is pretty boring huh?

  2. there is NOTHING wrong with being a procrastinator. i speak from much personal experience. ;-) good luck on your exams

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