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Gah. No I did not forget about this place. I was just … engrossed with other crap. But yeah. Met up with Mi Son and Yun Kyung. Went to the bus terminal. Got me this Sean Jean (?) jeans look-a-like for 29,000 won. About 25 bucks. Then I found this Yoshiki Eternal Melody, and it’s all instrumental version of some of the more pretty X Japan songs. ^^ Here’s a link to the album. Yay. It was 13,900 won. Not bad. Considering it’s most likely an import.

I’ve completed a new HP Slash fic. It’s not up yet, but I’ll post up the link when it’s up. ^_^ And now I got a Slytherins Fuh-Q-Fest to do. It’s gonna be one dark fic. Mwahaha. And my personal experiences will be good in that fic. Whoot! Yes I’m back into writing again. ^_^ And I got nothing else to blog about so I’m outs.


  1. maybe i should write some more chapters to my insane tuna story i wrote a few days ago….hehehe. we’ll compare fics after eh? :p

  2. The songs on that album looks really depressing. Oh, well. Hope you enjoy it.

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