Happy New Year!

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That’s Korean for Happy New Year, everyone! Yes my night improved whoo hoo! I learned a lesson and that is being an utter bitch to your mom, who’s a bitch anyways, doesn’t work if you want something. ^_^;;; I was being so immature for the past couple days. I feel bad. Oh well! But yes she relented and I left the house before 10. Met up with Jen and Charles and all went to a club in Itaewon called “Bless You”.

Oh god. I am in love with that place. Hella expensive, but worth it ^^. Damn almost the whole group was there with other people. Kinda scared me, when Amy’s dad was there. o_o;; But oh well. We got there and paid 10 thousand won for a ticket. For that ticket we get either 2 beer or 1 cocktail and food. ^_^ I got me a White Russian, and oh god. *_* I loved it. I so missed it, since Havanna is banned for us Foreigner now. But whatever. That was delicious. ^^ Then after trying Jen’s Strawberry Daquiri, I wanted one, so I got that for 7 thou. ^^ Then we all got candles and champagne (which was good by the way.) and celebrated the new year. Lots of hollering and hooting. ^_^ Oh god. Class of 2003, THIS IS OUR FUCKING YEAR!!! WHOO HOO! Come on c/o 2003 peeps, cheer with me!

Then after mingling around and hugging and wishing everyone a “happy new year”, I took a balloon (we were allowed to) that had helium (yay!) and I walked home. ^_^ I heard from a passerby that there was fireworks. Boo! I missed it! Oh well! ^_^ Damn I had 3 alcoholic drinks, and I still ain’t buzz. Maybe my tolerance is getting higher. Whoo hoo! ^^ Oh well. Again HAPPY NEW YEARS EVERYONE!


  1. cybrpunk on

    This is the first time I’ve really realized how far ahead you are time-wise. New Years hasn’t even happened here yet and I’m still sober. Heck I’m still at work!

  2. Chibi Misao on

    Happy New Years, Tara-chan! Sounds like you had a lot of fun ^_^


    *graduates in 04*

  4. you’re to young for alcohol little girl! ahh just kiddin :p

    happy new year!

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