Emart Yay!

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Went to Emart with Jenny today. Fun fun fun. I spent like 50,000 won. Yay. Got two calendars (anime) for 6,000 each. 2 cd soundtrack of 2 Korean dramas (Gaul Dong Hwa and Gyu Ool Yung Ga), 3 postcard booklet, food, and … that’s it. Oh and Jenny got me a rose for Christmas. Yay! Strangely it doesn’t look like one, but it was beautiful. Hee hee. Whatever. Happy New Year’s eve everyone. I hope you guys have a better one than I do. I got a bitchy Korean mom right now, that will not let me out past 11, and the fact that it’s New Year’s eve doesn’t matter period. Then again I have no clue what the gang is doing so fuck it. I’ll just stay home and do something. I’d love to reminscince the year like I did in last year’s entry, but hardly any good shit happened this year, so forget it. Happy New Years.