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I feel … dead. Okay, not that, but listless. Definitely that. I haven’t eaten anything all day yet and I feel so fucking bland. Maybe it’s the after effects of my wonderful puking experience I had at 1 in the morning today. I don’t know why, I hardly get food poisoning or whatever, but the Sweet and Sour Chicken I had at Nick and Drew’s, got me sick. It was not fun. Hell puking is never fun. But for someone that never puke because of food poisoning, sure was odd.

But let’s just say I felt better after that eh? Sadly, I didn’t make it into the toilet. Well most of it. My mum woke up and she asked me if I was drinking. Me, being pissed off, retorted back to her and a little dispute occured. But it passed by. Honestly though, I now know the meaning of clamminess and sickness. It was bad since I was shaking and I couldn’t do anything on the pc before the incident. Oh well.

Thanks for the Christmas wishes and really I hope this entry didn’t get anyone sick. But I feel bland. Bleh… not one of my best days.


  1. Gary is a great actor. I like your new lay-lay. Oh, yeah, it never pays off to come home on time. Parents are like that. They don’t ever want to admit when you are responsible but they are quick to scream if you are not.

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