Happy Christmas!

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Happy Christmas!

I hope everyone had a nice Christmas eve and all that shit so far. I didn’t get a good sleep last night so let’s just say I am a bit cranky. One of my cousin had to sleep in my room and no one even told me that she was gonna spend the night at all. Needless to say no one tells me jack shit anymore. Oh well. God. My cousin just snores! I mean I don’t mind regular snoring, but once in a while she’d snore LOUDLY and I literally jump in my bed. But yeah whatever. I have relatives here and now I’m gonna get more today. *dies*

I went out last night with the group. We met at the Pagoda and just stayed there outside for like 2 hours. Believe me it was freezing. But it was worth waiting for Drew yesterday. Because he bought us a real nice present. Bob Man came back! I’m so happy! NO one suspected at all. Not even Jen. Oh man. ^_^ That was a wonderful surprise. XD Funny though. Kenny was so happy that he ran past by Drew and broke some beers that Drew was holding in a bag. That was funny. LoL. And it was Bob’s beers too. But yeah. I got some nice gifts though, I feel bad. >_< ;; I didn't buy anything for the group except for Jen and I gave Sheila a candy gram. Frankly I didn't even buy Mi Son anything. I feel just so bad. I mean... I was just too focused on my grandma's present that er whatever. I mean Jen I just got hers because she actually said she wanted something when we were at Myung dong, so I just got that. And Mi Son, I asked and she doesn't know. >_< ;; I hate answers like that. Oh well. I got some nice gifts though. I’m gonna put it in list format. Daddy: Stereo (of course)
Grandma: 20,000 won
Mi Son’s Mom: 20,000 won
Sunnye Imo: 20 Bucks
Taeyung and Chanyung: This singing card
Mi Son: HERSELF, This cool body wash thingie and this vanilla set of bath and body work stuff
Misty: Necklace, card, Hershey’s Hugs! ^_^
Sheila: A headband, Note, Pin, and this Pen set.
Ashley: Candy
Jen’s Mom: Socks and candies
Drew: BOB

And right now Eric is online *gets a goofy smile on face* I must chat with him now! Again Happy Christmas, everyone! ^^

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Oh yeah! It’s snowing also! Wow. I’ll get some sort of White Christmas now. Whee! ^^


  1. Merry Christmas, Tara-chan!!! ^_^

  2. Haha, glad to hear you got some good gifts. Merry Xmas and hope you have a great day. XD

  3. its christmas here and its like 35 degrees haha. shockin!

    merry christmas for the millionth time!

  4. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! ^___^ And whee, snow for you! I’m happy for ya^^x

  5. Merry Xmas.

  6. Merry Christmas, TC! ^_^ Hope you had a good one!

  7. Merry Christmas!!!!! Enjoy your time off!

  8. mm hotness, we had a white christmas also. merry christmas and happiness and stuff. XDD

  9. Merry Christmas Tara! *hug*

  10. Ah, it’s nice to know that some people had a nice Christmas. Happy Holidays.

  11. Just think, only 360 more days until christmas again. Tara-chan doesn’t have me linked anymore. ;o; waaaaahhh.

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