Myung Dong, yet again

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Yes I am in my Oldies mood. I love Oldies, so sue me ^_^ But anyways. Today was fun. Well it didn’t start wonderfully, but it got better. ^^ My grandma is here now. I so missed her. She’s so cool. But she gushes over me a little too much in my opinions. o_o. Scary. Are all grandmas like mine? I’m gonna think that way. But yes she’s here. I’m glad. At least I didn’t have to go down there. *nods*

But yes I went to Myung Dong again today. With Jen. Met up with Sheila there. Oh before that I went to the PX to get a new Stereo. Panasonic baby. $169 bucks, but it’s worth it. Jen has the same one and oh god. The sound quality. OH GOD! But yes I got a spanking new stereo. The old one is just plain crappy. It ate my Murderdolls cd. Okay it didn’t EAT, but … in order for it to acknowledge my cd, I have to spin the darn thing hard and close the case. I did that and I am left with a deep scratch on my cd. And it’s sad since I have not used it at all before till now. >_< ;; So now that ruined my cd, I had enough with that POS, so I asked for a stereo for Xmas. So I got it. Whoo hoo! I'm gonna move it to my room tomorrow. It's in my dad's now. But anyways back to Myung Dong. Jen and I took starshots again. This time we went to the actual starshots. It came out good. ^_^ I’d love to scan it, but the programme is still not in. >_< ;; Apparently it isn't compatible with Windows 2000. AUGH! But yeah. After that we went to this accessories store. I got my grandma this pink scarf for 10,500 won. ^_^ Not bad at all and it's really pretty. Jen helped me decide which to get. Also I got a new bag for 9,100 won and I got me a new necklace for 1,700 won. Yes it's a pentacle (sp?). And no I am not Wiccan. I just like the design. And if any damn ignorant people ask me if I am Satanist, I'll bitch them out to all hell. Stupid people. But yeah. Then we went to the Wa Bar and Jen got Blue Hawaii. I, on the other hand, got me a Sunrise that was Vodka based and some food. So all in all I spent a lot of moola today. But only like about 45 bucks. I had 50 bucks and now I am left with 5,000 won and that's about 5 bucks. ^_^ Well actually 3 bucks. But oh well. And I'm happy! I bought all that with my own money. I withdrew some from my account today. Mwahaha. I didn't want to get a Xmas present for my grandma with my parents money. ^^ Yes I got some pride. Then I went to Jen’s house and we watched “Where the Heart Is”. That movie was bloody good. That movie deserved some sort of Oscar Nominations dammit! Some people just do not know the definition of a good movie at all. Dumbasses. Well anyways the curfew is back to Midnight. Yay. I hope no more shits happens now. Wouldn’t be cool if it did. *nods* Anyways I gotta go write a fic now. Later.


  1. Tara I’m alive! *waves* ^^’ Nice layout, very white :)

  2. shoulda just gone to mcdonalds and spent your last 3 bucks :)

  3. What fic?

  4. How’s the word on Mi Son? (I’m asking in place of you-know-who)

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