Finally, Winter Break

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Tuan, Mi Son is my best friend. If you read my previous blog entries, you shall see how distressed I was when she moved away. ^_^ So if that name ever pops up, then it’s just my best friend ^_^.

Anyways, I thought this week would never end. *sighs with exhaustion and happiness*. Goddamn it was the longest week I’ve had for a while. Hope that doesn’t occur again. x_X;; But yeah I did all my shit and some of them I got bad grades on, but I could careless at this moment. I’m just gonna not think about school for the next couple days. *nods* Today Jazz Band performance at DHL was cool. ^_^ It was fun haha! Oh and before Jazz Band began, I saw Mi Son! ^_^ Yes I was squealing my head off in the middle of a hotel. But do I care? No I don’t. Damn I almost cried there, but I didn’t. ^_^ But … oh god I still think this is a dream. I even pinched myself in front of her and she just laughed. *grins* That’s my best friend!

*sighs* Update on the lovely Korean wanting us Americans out. The Koreans just elected a new President. And I don’t care how the damn newspaper spelled it, but we pronounce it NOH Moo Hyun. Not “Roh”. I really want to know who thinks of these Romanisation. I mean honestly how the hell do you get an R sound from an N? I can understand getting K and G mixed up, but N and R? *shakes head* Pitiful. My mum watched the election yesterday on TV and it was funny. Quoting my dad, “We got an idiot and a gangster running to be president.” XD I was laughing my head off when I heard him say that. But I’m worried. People say that Noh Moo Hyun is very Anti-American and that 75% of the people that voted for him are Anti-American as well.

So… I don’t know how this new President will affect us Americans lives now. I mean shit. I don’t blame some of my friends to be scared. After those three assaults. I see Patrol Guards standing where they never stood before. It’s just … unusual. And … I fucking feel like we are Jews and or African-Americans now. I’ve heard that at the Electronic Market, that some stores have banned from selling to Americans. My god. It’s so disturbing! I try to act like it don’t bother me, but it does. I don’t know if I can consider this place my home anymore. It just … messed up. Seeing how Americans are treated badly. I mean granted I ain’t proud of my citizenship, but I think anything Racial is very stupid. I just feel like a hunted animal. Okay so maybe not me since I look Korean enough but here’s the weird thing about me. Americans think I am Korean. Koreans think I am American. So what the fuck? That’s just odd. But yeah I am still worried nevertheless. My dad looks FULLY American so I have to worry about him. A lot of my friends look American. And some might be look Asian enough, but they don’t speak a single goddamn word of Korean and if any Koreans overhear them, then they know we might be Americans. Everything got so fucking complicated. I just hope it doesn’t become worse from this day on.

Oh and I am scaring you people with my entries, then too bad. This is the real world. And I’m afraid that if South Korea OR North Korea does something like ie: attack Pearl Harbour (not saying that will happen), then… the Americans might start being prejudiced to us Koreans in the states. Like the what the Japanese-Americans had to go through in the states during WW2. I am just like not looking forward to anything at this moment. Sure it might not happen and Americans will treat their fellow Americans normally, but knowing how a human mind works… it’s just highly unlikely. Like Mr. Boyd said, we could be next. I’m worried, but I’ll just live my life the way I plan to as of now. But I can’t help but feel paranoid. The world is a scarier place then you’d like to imagine.


  1. You know, now that "Roh" is elected, we’re basically screwed. S.Korea is going to turn into N.Korea for sure now. But since the anti-president was elected, I’m pretty sure that the north will be more supportive to the south korean government than usual.

    But still..

  2. politics huh? i’ll just um…nod and agree. hey if korea does bomb pearl harbour, im sure japan would back them up with all their new technology ie. mecha!!

  3. Been a while…and what an entry to come across.

    But what a disgusting feeling to just come over me after reading that. I had previously finished watching Fiddler On The Roof about ten minutes before sitting here, and since it has a similar feeling to it – a certain "group" being evicted for some pathetic reason of either race, religion, or otherwise – it scares me to death. I don’t think this comment helps much, but I’m with you when it comes to being worried, and I’m sitting here in the damn States.

    So much shit these days…talk of war being moments away. I await the day I burn my draft card. But thats just me. ^^

  4. (I decided to comment here than on my blog).

    a SOFA? a couch that people sit on to get comfortable is the regular definition.

    But.. you know the status of forces agreement? It gives us american’s protection from the korean law. Basically it’s an agreement between the US and the Koreans.

    A good example would be the incident with the death of the two girls. Remember how they wanted to try the two american’s by korean law? Well, the SOFA sorta prevented that and they were protected under US law. Not like it helped since they were acquitted in the end.

    Does that help a bit, Tara? I tend to run off on explainations sometimes.

  5. Tara, I wouldn’t be worried about the new president-elect. He’s all talk now, but when he goes up in office, it’ll be a different story. It always has been. Don’t you think for a moment that Kim-DaeJung and all those before him had been all talk about changing the Status Of Forces Agreement because that is what normally gets them elected. And look what change had come in that: nothing! This Noh guy only said all that anti-american crap only to get elected. Now that he is going to be the leader, he’ll do just what all the presidents have done before. See, if he tries anything really stupid, then Bush will call for the removal of all 37000 American soldiers in Korea. When this happens, I guarantee you that the members of the Korean Legislative Department and the Executive Department will practically get on their knees and beg the Americans to stay. It has happened before and it will happen again.

    I wouldn’t be too trustful of North Korea as Jenny mentioned, though. I’m not one of those that call North Korea the "Axis of Evil" like Bush just so loves to (that son of a bitch says that for no reason back when North Korea did NOTHING). However, North Korea right now really doesn’t care about what happens in South Korea. Kim JungIl isn’t really that type of a man that cares what others think. He’s much like Saddam Hussein, except braver and smarter. Saddam Hussein has no military power or intelligence to back him up, but Kim JungIl does. And you know how so many Koreans are so supportive of North Korea building nukes? Well guess what? Once they build those nukes, guess where the first target of theirs will be (for benefits in making other people listen to them): Seoul, South Korea. They wouldn’t shoot, but they sure can use it as a threat. I’ pretty sure that war-meddling and other-people’s business eavesdropping United States would take note of the threat of lives that over eleven million people would get when North Korea aims its missiles. Sure, Japan will be threatened, who said they wouldn’t be, but South Korea will have a bigger threat. At least the Japanese will have more time to evacuate.

    You know of this whole Unites States go to war with Iraq AND North Korea thing? It won’t happen. Donald Rumsfeld, Colin Powel, George W. Bush, and Dick Cheney are all talk on that. The United States is currently incapable of risking war on two different battlefronts at the same time. It has been so since the diminish of the United States’ Armed Forces after the WWII and Korean War. Also, Iraq currently does not have any help (which it will because Jordan, Syria, Saudi Arabia and them all are more in support of Iraq then America since Iraq is the next thing to their kin) but North Korea has some major countries backing them up: Russia and China. Along with the United Kingdom, these two countries are the only nations that threaten the United States in power. Oh sure, we have friendly ties with Russia, but they’ll be more loyal to those that are loyal to them [North Korea]. And China has always been very close and friendly to North Korea. Too close, as a matter of fact. North Korea won’t revive something like Pearl Harbor (it’s impossible), but they are very brave people that’ll do some crazy things. I’d be watchful.

  6. I hate all those stupid Korean College and High School Students that think they know everything. Just the other day, I was watching some news and they had something on South Korea. Well, they were asking some highschooler what they felt about North Korea. They were all like "Um, I think they’re rather bad because…I think they attacked us once" "They are our brothers that won’t harm us" and all this other crap that made me sick. All those college bastards think they know everything and that they are everything. They are the ones that should be first in line to die when war breaks out. They’re always screaming all this shit at the top of their lungs as if they have authority, but they don’t! They got into college because they’re afraid of going into the Korean Military…and where’s the bravery in that!? Piss-heads!

    South Korea is so fucked up right now I am actually ashamed so much of my ethnicity traces back to it. It is such an impossible nation! They’re all talk one moment before they start talking in whispers on bent knees! Korea needs to come to an end OR Kim JungIl of North Korea needs to destroy communism, unite the two nations, and take over the government. He’s strict (too strict) but he’ll get things done. Just as long as he doesn’t spread communism.

  7. I really don’t have much to say…

  8. Nuna, will you be online sometime in two or three days? I’m only asking because it is 3:35 Am and we’ve been up since 2:25. Oh, you know, we kinda wanted to make a surprise visit on you…but I guess it didn’t work out that way. *SHRUGS* I guess we’ll talk with you some time later, then.

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