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Omg… ohmigod… and OHMI-FUCKING-GODS! Mi Son is HERE! In Korea! *is dazed* Oh man… my mom just told me 10 minutes ago that she came to Korea today morning. No fucking way. HOW CAN MY MOM DO THIS TO ME! WHY DIDN’T SHE JUST TELL ME EARLIER!! *cries* Now I gotta wait till TOMORROW to talk to her! *dies* Oh the torture. This is such a crappy torture, punishment. But I guess I deserved it after being bitchy to her earlier. But … AUGH! And I can’t come home earlier tomorrow for the simple fact that I have to stay after school and do my CWE work. *cries* SUCH BAD TIMINGS! But … Oh man I just feel like crying! Way too many shit is happening. Mi Son coming here is the only good things. The other shit is bad.

The bad shits… well let’s just say that for the past few days, us Americans had some rough encounters with the Koreans. For three days in a row, 3 different Americans got assaulted by Koreans. There was this incident with the taxi driver banging into an American car while driving. Another was where a Colonel was walking home from Gate 3 (and I live VERY near there) and was using the underpass and got assaulted by Koreans. They try to stab him in the stomach, but he moved away and only got slash. And I cannot remember the third incident. >_< ;; But really... it's bad. Now all Americans got a 9PM curfew. And today Ms. Pell told us that the North Koreans declared war on Americans? Wha? I hope that's just a VERY false rumour. I told my dad that and dad said that if these stupid attacks continue, then they would need the Americans back to the states. And he said NEXT WEEK. This is fucking bullshit and ... oh man this is just crazy. Insane. I don't need to move in the middle of my senior year. I mean.. damn. I shouldn't be worrying about these stuff. But anyways enough bullcrap. The concert was okay, but stressing and I’m tired now. Too much excitement in one night. And not to mention my dad just gave me a lecture about how I’m falling behind in CSS. Apparently he got a phone call from Mr. Fried. *scowl* Excuse me Mr. Fried, but of course I’m behind since I was ABSENT one day! DUH! Okay let’s just say I am NOT very happy with Mr. Fried right now. And let’s just say I cannot wait till I get out of that stinking, stupid, hardware course. I know I said at the beginning of the year, it seems an interesting course? Well you know what? FUCK THAT. I take it all back. And I am sick and tired of trying to please teachers by doing my work. What do I get out of it? Other than the fact that I learn something from it? Okay so I am falling behind and all that shit, but he had no reasons to call daddy and tell him that. I’ll catch up sooner or later and I don’t need that kind of “distrust” thing going on. I never had a teacher call my dad for the past couple years about my school work and just because I am a day or two behind, he calls my dad. Well he just lost some of my respect, but then again I’m sure he doesn’t give a flying rat’s ass. And I am sure I’ll regret all this shit I’m typing right now, but right now I could care less. I’m cranky, yet happy that Mi Son’s here, tired and just stressed.


  1. is mi son somebody important? hmm interesting.

    poor americans huh? hehehe

  2. Please tell Mi Son "Hello" for me. How is she?

  3. Yay! I’m happy for you that she’s here! Woo hoo!

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