Stressful Week

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Oh man. Someone shoot me now. This entire week is nothing but stressville. At least it is for me. Normally my week isn’t this stressing, but it is now. *grimaces* Here are the crap that’s happening this week.

1. Way too many performances. >_< . Tuesday night I am gonna have our annual SAHS combined Holiday concert. I'm gonna be in three programmes tomorrow night. First is Jazz Band. Then Full Orchestra. Then of course Concert band. It's stressful enough for me to go back to stage over and over again. I guess I'm glad it's not consecutively. But it sure as heck feels like it. Not to mention I'm gonna be stressng over my uniform. Also got another performance at Dragon Hill Lodge this Friday at 5. Jazz Band is performing there. *dies* What have I gotten myself into with all these band-related stuff! 2. Cisco Networking. Gotta reread Ch 6 to retake the test tomorrow (for the third bloody time) and then gotta read Ch 7 by Thursday to take that test as well. >_< ;; AUGH! I hate NETWORKING! 3. AP Government test this Thursday most likely over the chapter based on the damn Judicial Branch. >_< ;; That means I have to attempt to read that bloody chapter and then force myself not to fall asleep while reading it. I hate government. I hate how our textbook explains it. It is just too damn hard to concentrate on something as boring as a textbook. So I got THAT to worry about. I really cannot afford to get a D in that class. A C yes, but a D, no fucking way. 4. English. I got english HW to do by tomorrow with that bloody cisco thing. Augh. I have to read this damn short story and answer a hell lot of questions based on some damn guy named Sir Gawain. I am starting to hate Aruthurian Legends now. 5. Visual Basics. I got to make two programmes by this Friday. And there are some things I still do not understand about the codes. Augh. I’ve talked to one of my teachers and he said that I can turn them in after winter break, but I need my winter break so I can work on the FINAL VB project! And how the bloody hell am I supposed to do anything when I haven’t GOTTEN the permission to get a copy of the damn programme for my home pc! I mean damn I’ve gotta worry about that now! To get permission before winter break hits. And I’ve asked to get a copy since September? God I hate this legal BS sometimes. 6. CWE bookwork and test. >_< ;; I need to take notes and do the chapter review and then take the test sometime before Friday. Great. And I was planning on doing the notes today after school and then we had last minute Jazz Band rehearsals. Great. Just bloody great. 7. Candy Grams. My annual thingie I’ve done since like 8th or 9th grade. Instead of buying individuals present for all my friends, I’ve asserted to that. And dad won’t take me to the Commissary until this Thursday. >_< ;; And I have to distribute those Friday! And I probably won't be going to the Comissary right after school either since I got Jazz Band rehearsals AGAIN this Thurs! Great! 8. Cleaning my room somewhat before Saturday. My Korean grandma (Halmoni) is coming and I’ve gotta make my rooms omewhat presentable. My mom told me to just clean a little bit each day. Well how can I with all the other shit I have to do?? 9. Gotta remember to study for the damn January SATs. Why do I keep forgetting about that? I need to adjust that to my schedule somewhere. SATs are very stressing to even think about! *grabs hair in frustration* Have I left anything out? I sincerely hope not! I do not need anymore to my list! Yes it’s mundane shit and all that, but I never have all that coming at me all at once like this week is! AGH!!! Someone please shoot me now! I beg of you! *dreads this entire week now* But thank god next week is my break…but then just thinking about my Winter Break and how busy that’s gonna be as well is making me want to just wish I was out of school already period. Woe is me. TC, this week will be walking around with circles under her eyes now. And not to mention she will be a snarky bitch to anyone that decides to get in her ways and that includes parents as well. So all in all, this entry was pointless and I must get my ass to work now.