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I have finally seen the second HP movie and here I shall rant and rave about it. So consider this entry a movie review. ^_^ Oh and if you haven’t seen the movie and hates spoilers, than do not continue on.

Well I can definitely say that it has improved since the first one. This one is way better than the first. I was actually quite content with it. I dragged Jen with me, and she never read the books, but she has seen the first movie, so she agrees that this one was better. However it still isn’t a movie I’d give an eight or nine on. I gave this movie a 7.5 raiting. However I will give it a 9.9 for the parts that had the Slytherins in! I am so evil!

Dobby definitely doesn’t look anything like I imagined. Yes I’ve seen images, but seeing it in action kind of disturbed me. But there were parts when he was actually adorable looking. But only few. I liked the part where Vernon Dursely fell out of Harry’s window. That was funny. XD It didn’t happen in the book, but this way makes it more satisfying. I liked the Ford Anglia (sp?), but I wished Fred and George talked more in the movie. x_X;; They do not talk much. Oh well. Hopefully in the future movies, they will have more active parts. Now the Burrow. *sweatdrops* Do not ask, but I kind of always envisioned it as a house that looks like the one from the “Old Lady Who Lived In a Shoe”. Don’t ask. x_X;; But I liked the house. At least the inside. I liked that Family Clock thing. It was cool. Arthur and Molly were cool. I was just laughing my head off when Arthur asked Harry about the rubber duck. *snorts* I was expecting him to talk about electric plugs and instead I get that.

Now the floo network. That was cool how the fire burned up like that. And I was disappointed to find out that they cut out the scene where Harry eavesdrop on Draco and Lucius in that store. But oh well. Lockhart. *sweatdrops* Not how I envisioned him, but he was still “fruity” in the movie. ^_^ And when Draco and Lucius popped up in the scene at Diagon Alley… wow. I felt the emotion from them. The tension. XD And Lucius. *swoons* He was sexy. Cold-hearted bastard, but sexy. Jason Issacs was the perfect Lucius. His long blonde hair. I mean dang. I’m glad Jason told off Chris Columbus about the outfit Columbus wanted. I mean Jason got good taste. ^_^ That outfit and the snake cane was just Lucius-like. I loved the way Draco raised his eyebrows to Ron. It looks like a hidden gesture. I think I am in a mood for DM/RW fics now!

Later, when Harry and Ron could not get into 9 3/4 Platform (that scene where they crashed all over the place was funny btw), and got the Ford was cool. But really was the scene where Harry nearly fell out of the car that necessary? I thought it was a waste of movie time. *shrugs* That’s just me. But oh man the part where the Whomping Willow goes bonkers was funny. I thought the Willow was well done. The part where Snape admonish the boys, … let’s just say I swooned and I had a goofy smile on my face. Snape seems so much more caring and nicer in this movie, yet he still seems like a snarky bastard. I love that man! Alan Rickman plays him well. I’m glad.

The Howler. Oh my Gods. That was brilliant. I was laughing my head off big time. XD But I never did envisioned it to have a mouth like that. And why the hell did Neville faint in Herbology? It’s supposed to be his best subject! I know Neville is a wimp, but please. Herbology + Neville = Good. *sighs* What did those girls ever see in Lockhart? I mean jeez. x_X;; It was just annoying seeing them all go nuts over him. The cornish pixie scene was funny. But dang. Hermione was a little too clever in this movie. Her just doing that spell to freeze them? Okay. And why the hell did the producers decides to make Hermione know what “mudblood” meant? Not to mention, she was crying way too much in this movie. They sort of ruined her character by making her be a bit of a crybaby in this one. >_< ;; And why does she have to emphasise on her words when she's speaking? It make her sounds too snooty. Nevertheless, Draco in his Quidditch outfit was cool. He looked so handsome. His smirks and everything. Tom Felton. You did a good job. And the slug scene. *snickers* It was disgusting, yet hilarious. Let’s see. The Quidditch match wasn’t as lively as the one in the first movie I thought. But the rogue bludgers did set some action. And why was Lucius there? At the match? I mentioned that to Jen and she said they probably did that so they could show the audience that Lucius was a doting father who wanted to see his son’s first match. Uh…Lucius caring? I don’t think so. And I didn’t think it was necessary for them to make the bludger hit Draco either. That was pointless. Sure since Harry gets hurt, let’s hurt Draco as well. Right. Whatever. But ew. Lockhart messing up on that spell and the result was … ugh. *shivers* Yuck. I’d hate to imagine that happening to me. Now the petrification of those victim was good. But I always thought that they’d turn into stones. I think I’ve played Final Fantasy a bit too much. *nods* But the Parseltongue thing was good. I thought it was a good idea that they’ve decided to make it sound like that instead of regular English. And the dueling scene. Oh man! Snape just disarming Lockhart was funny. ^_^ And I agree with everyone who said that Snape had that elegance when pivoting. He does. And the way he threw Draco back up. But most importantedly, the way Draco looked at him when he was at Snape’s feet. Man. I can see why a lot of people would want to pair them up. That look was just… intense. XD. Haha. That polyjuice potion scene. Yes how thick can those two get? But the change was interesting. And Moaning Myrtle. Oh man. She was annoying. And someone told me she was a Slytherin? Aiya. How did that happened? Or maybe not. I could be wrong. I liked the Slytherin common room. But I hate how in the scene before, when the trios were walking down the hallway talking LOUDLY about how Draco is the heir. I’m pretty sure Draco heard them and that was rather rude of them. Granted Draco is rude to them, but really was that necessary? Aiya. Poor Slytherins. They are so misunderstood. Bloody Gryffindors. The diary scene. I loved it. Tom was just Tom! But what happened to that other Headmaster? Boo. But when Tom and Hagrid had that confrontation… okay I’m imagining fics where they are couples. Hrm. Not a bad idea! ANYWAYS. Cornelius Fudge. He looked like Bilbo in a way. I was just like uh…but whatever. Aragog. Okay him and the other spiders spooked me out. They just looked freaky. Jen agrees. But the fact how the Ford came and help them was interesting. It’s like the car had a motherly instinct lol. Funny to think that a car has a conscience now. XD But I felt sorry for it. It went through a bit too much abuse! But damn. Those spiders. I can see why Ron hates them. But again, I thought it was pointless on how they had to film where the spiders almost got Ron. Just … aigoo. I was expecting Ron to explain somewhere in the movie why he hated spiders, but it never happened. Too bad. It would have been a good laugh. Rupert Gint does play a decent Ron. I’ll admit to that. *nods* But really I want him to be taller! How the entrance to the chambers opened was cool. I wasn’t expecting that kind of opening. And the fight below (and of course seeing Lockhart get blasted by his own memory charm and Ron knocking him out with a rock was funny) was just wow. But… Harry and that sword. Something seemed off. And the sword looked a bit fake. It looked like one of those toy swords than a sword that went through the Basilik mouth. x_X;; But other than that I liked it. The setting fit. And Tom was just … awesome. I love Tom Riddle now. XD Mwahaha! And Fawkes was cool. But really, if I didn’t read the book then I’d never would have guessed Ginny was the one who did all that shit. I mean… Ginny plays such a crucial role in this movie, yet she was hardly in any of the scene. It’s just like what the hell? There was like no plot development in that aspect. Granted I do not like Ginny much, but … she was crucial. Ah the feast. When Hermione came back and when she didn’t hug Ron was funny. I could feel the awkwardness between them. And I can see the romance sparking between them! And when Hagrid came back… I agree with Cybele, that when Harry said “It’s not Hogwarts without you, Hagrid,” that it’s a death sentence. I think Hagrid is gonne be the one who dies in the 5th book. But that’s still gonna be found out till later. But I think he’s the most likely. But that’s just me. And … the way Draco pulled Goyle (I think) down was funny. *chuckles* So Draco. Hrm. People said the ending was rather weird. I thought it was a good ending, but Hermione crying again? Aiya. But yeah… Richard Harris. I’m sorry, I know he’s a good actor and all, but he’s just NOT my Dumbledore. He just doesn’t play him right. I don’t feel the energy and liveliness from him at all. Okay so he was sick when filming that movie. That’s a good excuse, but even in the first movie he didn’t have that Dumbledorish energy at all. Whatever. I just hope whoever replaces him will play him to the part. Well overall the movie was okay for me. I’ll stop now. I’ve rambled on too long.


  1. The movie was indeed good. I loved it to bits, and Lucius was sexy as hell! Though I still prefer my Oliver Wood. *swoons*

  2. i loved the movie! even though i never read the book … :) heehee…

  3. I heard that the guy that played Dumbledore died. Was that true?

  4. I thought Ron told Harry why he hated spiders when they were going through the cave?

  5. Okay, the whole thing with Virginia Weasley… Remember, she hardly ever came out in the book, too. In fact, she hardly ever came out in any of the books. The movie was very close to the books in keeping up with that. And Hermione did manage to freeze the Cornish Pixies, remember? Okay, she wasn’t supposed to know what "mudblood" meant, that is true. Also, I do agree with you that she emphasizes her words WAY fucking too much, but it does actually add on to her character in my opinion since she is SUPPOSED to be very snotty and arrogant.

    Your right, I do like whatshisface for Draco Malfoy. I haven’t seen the movie, but I have seen the pictures for whatshisface that came out as Lucius Malfoy. He came to the Quiddich match? What the Hell?

    The thing about Dumbledore…I couldn’t agree better. He fit better as the priest from the Count of Monte Cristo much better than Headmaster Albus Dumbledore. They should have had Christopher Lee play that part. Oh, CL is the guy that played Saruman in Lord of the Rings and as Count Dooku in Star Wars: Attack of the Clones. I don’t know about you, but in my opinion he fits the part much better. I heard someone once suggest the idea of Sean Connery playing Dumbledore, but I’m not up for it. He doesn’t fit.

    I agree, Rupert Gint does play a very good Ronald Weasley. Also, like you said, he needs to be taller. Now, I didn’t quite imagine the two Weasley twins to look like such nut-heads. I thought they would have a bright/clever look to them, but what I’m seeing in the movies are people that remind me of mental institutions. Come on, is that the best they can do? Also, they need to talk alot more. The books had them so much more active.

    Oh, I saw the picture of Tom Riddle. Where did they dig him up? He fits. Yup, he really looks like he fits the part. Now, I just want to see him in action.


    DM/SS… Good Lord, have mercy.

    RW/DM… Jesus Christ, you’re out of your mind.

    You’re right, that guy that played for Gilderoy Lockhart was even uglier than I thought he would be. Course, you know I don’t judge men, but he was ugly. You know, I think Jason Isaacs could have played a very good Gilderoy Lockhart if he had short, curly hair. Don’t you agree. His arrogant expression and, I hate to say this but, his better looking face than the other guy… Yeah, he would have fit better. But I think they got him to where he belongs.

    About Dobby. I didn’t quite imagine him the way they had him in the movie. I was imagining much more like the American book illustration. When I first saw the picture of him, I almost freaked out. But his voice is about the same as how I imagined.

    Oooh, I want to see Harry’s boneless arm. I imagined it just the way they said in the book: practically a skinbag with fluids. That’s not what they said, but that’s what J.K.Rowling implied it as.

    Okay, enough about that. I’ll be coming back! ^_^

  6. You practically spoiled the movie. It’s not your fault. I’ll blame jakun-hyung for this.

  7. OYJ & EYJH & HYJ on

    We’ve got to see the movie now…

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