Senior Portraits

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Yes. I finally got my senior portraits back. And … that seriously was a waste of money. Only two real good ones came out. The rest were CRAP. As in CRAPPY. I am quite disappointed in myself. I tried real hard to take those pics too. But I guess two is better than nothing eh? I want to get more copies of those two and I’m trying to figure out which would be cheaper. Either to send them back to Jostens and order their EXPENSIVE packages or go to a local photo place and get copies there. However Jostens being the money stealing mongrels they are, of course didn’t send us films, so having the enlarged and getting wallet sizes might be a bit expensive and not done as well. So yeah.

I’ll scan the two that I like and couple more that are okay in this weekend when Dad gets the scanner programme set up. Can’t wait to see people’s monitor crack because of my shitty pictures. XD I be so evil. My mum loved them, my dad claimed I looked chubby in a lot of those pics. I agree. Funny how Jen just told me tonight that pictures always add ten more pounds to the image. That makes no sense, but considering how I look so fat, it makes sense I suppose. Oh and yes I am feeling better now. Thanks for the wishes. I went to school today and didn’t miss much for A days. Now for B days I do not know. x_x;; Those days got my hard classes. Boo. Oh well.

Speaking of fat, Jen and I agreed to start working out. And no I am not one of those people that are obssessed with skininess. I am doing this for my own health. I know I need to lose some of those poundages. I won’t go as far as being bone thin, but eh twenty pounds should be enough. *nods* Beside it’d be fun to workout with a good friend. Much more entertaining than doing it by yourself. I’m even gonna try to get a membership at the Point so I can work out there with Jen. Of course it’s free for her since she works at the Dragon (Point is part of DHL) so yeah. But I think this will be my Christmas present to myself. I’ll get the sax as my B-day present or something. *nods* We are starting this “healthy eating habits” tomorrow. *laughs* Let’s see how that goes. ^_^ Wish us luck people!

And *rereads Tuan’s last comment*, Tuan you can’t mean this new look is “elegant” lol. You got a strange sense of humour buddy. Or perhaps it’s sarcasm? ^_~ Oh well. I’ll quit blogging now. Oh and I’m planning on combining this and my personal site over the winter break. Be prepared for a new look. ^_^ That is once I get out of my layout slump x_X


  1. Hm, I would like to see those pictures. Don’t be so hard on yourself though with the diet. It’s good to eat healthy and work out but don’t push it too much. I wish you luck.

  2. go on a subway diet like jarrod. haha just kidding ^_^ i went to the gym once, it was pretty fun. goin into the pool after was better though….

    and i know what elegant means thank you very much! =p

  3. Hey Tara-chanz, hey what’s wrong being skininess? Hmm? I happen to be one of those skininess people! Heh, just kidding. ^^;; But that’s cool that you and Jen are gonna stay fit. I gotta start staying fit too… since my volleyball season got over two months ago and basket ball just started last month. o.o() I refused to be a balla and be a pianist instead. ^^ Which I’m happy now that I’m playing again. ^_^ You should scan your senior pictures! Fali wants to see! ^^

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