Sick >_

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Wanna know something ironic? I stayed home today so I can rest and because I didn’t want to go to school. I woke up later and found out that school was cancelled anyways because of bad road conditions! I just had to luck out. Haha! ^_~ But I am not getting any better. >_< ;; Damn cold. I've been coughing all day. I didn't do much. I played Kingdom Hearts for like 3 hours today and now I am at Agrabah and I am stuck there. >_< ;; Boo. Ohwell. Oh yeah. Mi Son called me last night. She’s stuck at the Marionette or whatever Hotel because of the typhoon. I hope she’s alright. I miss her. Damn. And she’s lucky! She got to get out of school for First Semseter and then can go back 2nd. *sighs* Wish I could do that too! Ohwell. But I really miss her. She still sounds like the same ol’ girl I know. *sighs* Okay now I’ve gotten myself depressed again lol. Not a good combination for someone who’s sick eh? I’ll shut up now and thanks for all the comments and criticism about the layout. I appreciate it.


  1. i thought you had a son when you said "Mi Son"….er hehe. anyways, get better soon!

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