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Ugly, shitty, bland, crappy, simple, stupid, disgusting, bad colurs, repetition, and etc you name it. The worst layout I’ve made for TCK in the longest time. I am just losing my touch. BAH! I’ll get out decent layouts after X-Mas and now I want a new layout for this blog as well. *sighs* I suck. Whoopee fucking doo. Dammit. Screw it. Fuck it and the list goes on.

Not much going on really. I went to Nag-Won (A place that sells musical instrument shit) today for the first time. Funny. I’ve played the sax since 7th grade and this is the first time I went there ever. Well needless to say I liked it. I bought reeds and a new swab. Yay. I hope the new reeds solve my playing problems I’ve been having these days. For some reasons I don’t know if it’s the reed or the sax itself, but I’ve just have had major problem playing. It sure got me frustrated. But yeah. I need to drag my Uncle down there sometime in the next couple weeks so I can get a sax for Xmas. Whoo hoo.

Also after Nag-Won, Jen and I went to Myung Dong and we took Starshots kinda thing. It turned out rather nice and sadly I cannot show you guys. The scanning programme isn’t installed yet and I am not in the mood to do it myself nor to look for the cd, so I’ll wait till tomorrow or something so daddy can do it himself. Yes yes, let’s leave all the dirty work for Tara’s Dad. Yay. That’s my job. To make his life a living hell. XD Haha. Just kidding… I think. Whatever. I just wanna read fics right now and chat with whomever online. And listen to music XD. So I’m outs now.


  1. Hey, Tara don’t be so hard on yourself. The teddy bear is cute! It’s really nice that you took time out to do a special Christmas layout. Not many people are willing to do that.

  2. dont be sucha pessimist woman :P your skilss rox0rs!

  3. I really hate to say this, but that layout doesn’t live up to the standards for the past layouts. Seriously. It ain’t bad; it’s just not in the league with the other layouts. I’m telling you this as a friend, not as a idiodic son-of-a-flabergasted-female-dog flamer. I’m trying to not curse lately so don’t be puzzled by use of language. ^_^ Oh, could you send an email for netjje’s sake, please? He ain’t doing too well.

  4. Awwww…..that teddy bear is cute! ^^ Don’t be hard on yourself. Maybe you just did not feel like making a complex, colorful, and/or flashy layout. You don’t have to have hard feelings over it and say all that. Really, that’s a nice layout. I like complicated stuff, but simple things can be so much better at times. Take winter for example. Your layout is like the winter season in so many ways. Winter is clean and simple; your layout is clean and simple. ^_^ Try to give yourself more credit than that.

  5. #1 Nice bear.
    #2 Nice color (white).
    #3 Simple is nice.

  6. I like the layout. The bear is cuddley looking and all. ^^ It’s cute!

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