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YAY! Daddy dear got this pc fixed! Not only that he upgraded it! Whoo hoo! He got rid of all those stupid extra drives and now we got 2 Hardrives! Both hardrives has total of 150 GB of space and we up rooted our RAM to 716 KB or so ^_^ Yay. And … we got Windows 2000… *groan* Bye bye 98. *cries* I’ll miss you! But at least I can read the stupid Korean and Japanese texts now on the net! XD Lyrics hunting time! At least for the Korean songs. Damn I hate resetting up everything. Some of the programs I backed up on the cd, will not work. But some do, so I am rather mystified by that. So I had to redownload MSN and … I hate the newest one >_< ;; BLEH! Oh bloody hell. I didn't lose much shit, but I did lose all my email in Outlook Express, so those that submitted for Ani-Melodic and My Precious, needs to resubmit it because I've lost EVERYTHING. Damn, I just forgot to back those up! Bleh! But yeah, that's the only thing I considered lost. Everything else is here. Yay! Anyways many many things happened between today and … since the last time I blogged. I can’t believe I survived this long without having the net at home. x_X;; Daddy BETTER not ruin it again! But anyways I skipped two days in a row. Yes. I did. Only I skipped the last period of each day. And both of them didn’t even asked for a note! I skipped CSS and English. So sue me. I’m bad. I hate school and I don’t even need CSS. I need English, but hell that class is bloody freaking easy. So yeah I skipped. Whoo hoo. I enjoyed my hooky times. What’s a senior year without skipping anyways? Also I’ve won that stupid Most Unique of the girls AGAIN! 4 fucking years in a row. Since 9th grade, I’ve had the *sarcastically* lovely honours of winning that bullcrap superlatives. I ought to just fucking get in the Guinness Book of Records. Sheesh. And I know that the people are only voting for me because: 1) They consider me “unique” (as in weird) because I got speech problems and because they consider me handicapped. 2) They are just too lazy, so just vote for whoever won the year before and that unfortunately just happens to be me. 3) They really think I’m unique in a GOOD way so they just vote for me. The last one is the most unlikely reasoning. The first one is the most likliest one. >_< ;; Stupid bastards. And here's where I am stuck. If I refuse to take the picture, then the people that voted for me will get the satisfaction of knowing how much I hate it. But then if I do take the picture, they will get the satisfaction of knowing that they "uprooted me". Well goddamn it, I refuse to give them satisfactions to those bastards, so how the hell am I supposed to weasel out of this??!! Damn I hate being just me sometimes. Actually wait, I love being me, but I hate the people I go to school with. There we go. Most of them that is. Damn them. And damn the yearbook for even HAVING fucking Superlatives in the first place! Today was the 8th Army Band Holiday Concert and wow. It was awesome. Concert band SUCKS compared to them! I enjoyed it. However I did NOT enjoy how couple little kids were being so annoying. I mean since 2 of the kids had their father up there playing the clarinet in the front, they even went up there! Oh man. That was just shit. You know how the saying goes how parents SHOULD not bring little, restless kids to movies? Same thing apply to MUSIC concerts as well. Sheesh. But other than that I really enjoyed it. Damn the brass section amazed me, and of course the saxes amazed me as well ^_^. Shite, now all I need to do is go some a Philharmonic Orchestra LIVE at least once in my lifetime! Whee! Welp I’m done and I’m glad to be back! *glomps her PC and signs off by singing X-Mas musics*


  1. K-Lyrics!

  2. Oh, those people sound like absolute bastards. If I were you, I would just go about my day at school not giving a damn about their stupid votes for you. Just don’t let it bother you. Have that ‘I don’t give a damn’ attitude. I think that would bother them.

  3. Feh. Don’t take winning that personally. It’s probably just because most people don’t really know you personally. People tend to do that when they don’t know people. XD Think of it as in a good way.

  4. wow that was a long post…hehe. you only have 2 hds now? u sure musta had a lot before…aahh ur computer sounds so tasty, give it to meee

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