Dad + My Computer = Disaster

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Yes I shall rant and rave about my dear daddy’s incompetent with PC. For the next few days, unless it gets fixed, I got a drunken vegetable as a computer! >_< ;; Needless to say I am NOT happy one bit. Okay this is the story. My dad got sucked into the world of downloading mp3s and etc. And since I’m the one who set up WinMX, I had the mp3s to be downloaded into my mp3 directory. Well dad was trying to move his over to his directory. While he did that, he went to his room and I just sat in front of the PC, waiting for the copying files to be done. When it was done, I was going through my directories to see what I can delete. Then he came in and kicked me off, and blamed me for getting lost. However, I knew where he was, yet he wouldn’t let me finish. So I got kicked out and I started up Kingdom Hearts. 5 minutes later, he comes in saying he needs a PC specialist. Well I go look at the monitor and what do I see? The resolution was at the smallest one and the colour setting was at 16 colours. Needless to say I freaked out. At first I thought it was doing that because of low memory, so I restarted. When that changed nothing, I asked dad what he do. Apparently when he was deleting the mp3s or SOMETHING, from the directories, he deleted something that runs the system. >_< ;; And he emptied out the recycle bin.. *sighs* So he tried to reinstall Windows 98 back on it, and well that solved the resolution thing and the colours setting, but the other problems still exist. >_< Like internet won't work, it locks up frequently, and etc etc. Dammit. I swear, everytime he uses my baby, it gets ruined! I am going to demand my own computer or something. Or demand that he stays away from my pc. So now I gotta go home and back up a lot of my shit. However, the pc locks up frequently, so I don't know how I'm gonna succeed in that as much. *sighs* So I am basically stuck with a vegetable of a PC for a while. Daddy I love you, but you just mess up my pc too many times. >_< ;; *sighs* ohwell. I'll survive. Hopefully... Right now I am having trouble with my VB coding so that’s making me cranky as well. Well back to work.


  1. hihi, sorry to hear about ur computer woes… i know how u feel trust me ;)

    what is this kingdom hearts thing?


  2. wow….copying mp3s can mess up your whole comp? eek!

  3. Lady Athena on

    Dear God, do I know how that feels. I hate it when shit like that happens. Something really similar happened to my computer once when I had (get this) Windows ME. That system is a piece of crap! It ruined my computer and kept crashing and/or freezing every 5 minutes. I was so sick of it that my dad finally switched me back to NT and from there 2000 and then XP. My dad had Windows ’98 and he complained about it. We had tried it on my PC, but there wasn’t enough memory at the time. Again, I really, really know how that feels. Hope you get your system back to normal! Ja!

  4. I know exactly how you feel… pc+dad don’t exactly mix, ‘ne? Demand for a your own PC! ^_^

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