Thanksgiving Fiasco

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I know I’m a bit late (at least for the people on eastern hemisphere). I hope everyone stuffed themselves and enjoyed their day off. ^^ Sorry for not blogging for a couple days. But so much happened and I will blog about it now.

Wednesday during seminar, we had an audition for us concert band students to try out to join the full orchestra. We got Strings orchestra here, and Mrs. Lee wanted to combined several band students into strings and play Sleigh Ride together. Well at first she wanted to only take 2 saxes (one first and one second) but there were 3 of us that tried out. I guess since she didn’t want it to seem like she was doing the act of favoritism so she let me be in it. Nevertheless I am happy. ^^ I like playing that song. It’s quite a challenge for me. But whatever so Brandon and Min are first and I be second. I don’t mind being second for this. I know I cannot even bother to compete with those two, so yeah. I’m just happy I made it. ^^ So for the Holiday concert, I’m gonna be in three programme. Jazz Band, Full Orchestra, and of course Concert Band. Not bad for my last holiday concert eh? ^^

Welp dad picked me up at about 5 after school, and we went to the movie rental. I rented three spanking new dvds. Woot! They are The Time Machine, Grease, and Sunshine. I watched Grease Wednesday night. Oh man. Despite the fact how the plot moved too quickly, I loved it. The singing, the dancing, the humour, the romance, the whole oldies thing! Oh and not to mention John Travolta is my new concubine XD Haha. But I loved it. The energy and the lightness of the film captivated me. And those three thunderbirds are so stupid. The ones who always did the stooges thing. But damn Olivia and John can sing. I want to sing like that! *sings* Tell me more, tell me more … Hopelessly Devoted to youuuuu

Well Thursday came along and I watched The Time Machine. The one with Guy Pearce. I liked it and all, but I wished they stuck more to the story in the actual book. I was expecting the Eloi to be all pale skined with blond hair. Not some Malaysian looking people! But yeah. However despite it’s … booboos, I quite enjoyed it. It kept me interested. The special effects when the time machine was in use was cool. I liked how they fast forwarded into the future. It made me feel as if I was in the time machine. I liked Guy Pearce, but I thought he was much better in Memento. Ohwell.

After that I cleaned my room. Yes praise me. I cleaned my room. Well not thoroughly, but it actually has a floor now! XD I’ll clean it thoroughly during winter break. I got more days off then. So until then I’ll live in a rather dusty room. XD Then after doing that, around 4ish relatives started coming over. Our dinner wasn’t ready till about 6. Ate the usual, turkey, mash potatoes, stuffings, gravy, and etc etc. And of couse ONLY in Korea will you find people eating kimchi or other Korean foods with any American Holiday Food. *roll eyes* Then again I had a little kimchi myself too so yeah. XD Strange how I’m like into kimchi now. Ohwell!

Then to escaped the crowdedness of my house (11 people sure is crowded for me), I went to Jen and we went to cafe and Karaoke as usual. XD We had fun. We were discussing Nostradamus and other philosophical crap over at the cafe. And at No Rae, we sang ourselves silly. We sang ‘Summer Nights’ from Grease XD. Too bad they didn’t have ‘Hopelessy Devoted’. Oh well. But we sang our usuals and just had fun. Then we parted at 10, and I came home and watched Sunshine. And … I loved Sunshine, but it was TOO LONG. Sitting on my butt for three hours was painful. But oh man. Ralph Fiennes was excellent there. However the movie got a bit repetitive here and there. The saying “History repeats itself”, is a perfect theme for that movie! And damn I thought King Arthur had a dysfunctional family and now the Sonnenschein family is even more dsyfunctional! But yeah it was poignant at some parts and dragging. But me being biased toward Ralph, enjoyed staring at his sexy body for 3 hours. Depsite my poor butt. XD I want to get that and Grease as my own copies now. Must ask daddy!

So yes that’s my Turkey Day. And I got today off so yay!! More time to relax and party!


  1. hmm what a busy day you had huh?

    grease, thats one of those movies that will go down in history…

  2. Lady Athena on

    Grease rocks! I love the song "You’re the One that I Want". That song is totally wicked! Glad you enjoyed your Thanksgiving! Ja!

  3. Chibi Misao on

    Grease was pretty good, I guess. I can’t say because I had watched it past midnight and fell asleep during parts in the middle XD lol.

    Yummy…kimchi’s not bad:) Except I never can find the authentic stuff so it’s hard to get the kind that’s not watered down *bleagh* Hope you have fun in your concerts; Jazz Band was pretty fun for me, too, once upon a time…

  4. Grease is a great film! You can never get enough of that. My Grease tape is damaged. ::sigh:: I’m going to have to buy another one.

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