Snow! ^_^

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Thanks for the comments below. I wish I could get out, but I can’t. At least not till January when the semeseter is over. But ohwell. Thanks for the comments. Made me feel better. ^_^

And just for my sake, for memories, it’s SNOWING!! Very little though, but it’s still pretty. Feels all magical and fantasyness. Whee! ^_^ I wonder if it will turn into a blizzard. And then no school tomorrow! But fat chance of that happening. Boo. But nevertheless I’m glad I’m seeing snow. People told me it snowed couple weeks ago, but I didn’t see it cuz I was asleep. And now I see it! ^_^ First snow of winter for me! Whee!


  1. Lady Athena on

    Grr…no fair! I wanna see snow here, too! I hate fall and winter where I am. It hardly ever snows here. That means more school for me…bleh! Man, if I could see just one snowflake, I would be content. But no, I have to live in the stupid place I am where there’s no snow. There is absolutely no justice in this world! Well, enjoy the snow *pouts* and I’ll pray for some to come by here. Ja!

  2. snow is like the stuff in your freezer right??!?!? i wanna c snow for at least once in my life =

  3. Hey if you guys want snow come here to Canada. We have lots right now. You can have all of our snow if you want :D I’ll let you have it for free :D

  4. Chibi Misao on

    Snow’s nice except when it snows on your car and you have to spend about ten minutes trying to scrape the ice off the windshield when your fingers are numb. It’s not as bad when ten other people are griping beside you, too, when they’re trying to beat the rush home XD lol.

    I’m glad you finally got to see snow ^_^ That’s pretty rare, ne?:) Take care!

  5. I’m not really much of a snow person. I hate it. I think if it ever snowed this early here, I would go insane.

  6. Good for you…and the snow…and the school. Fat chance of a blizzard, I’ll agree to that. Blizzards aren’t that common in Korea. Oh well, I’m rather jealous. Yeah, so sue me for that. By the way…WHY IN HELL AREN’T YOU EVER SENDING EMAILS ANYMORE?!!! DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH HYUNG, MAKNE, AND NETJJE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR SOME!! SURE, WE DIDN’T REALLY WRITE TO YOU, BUT WE DID LEAVE MESSAGES HERE AND AT SECLUDED SOUL!!! SETJJE AND I PRACTICALLY GAVE UP ON THE WAITING!! Happy Thanksgiving, by the way.

  7. Please note the twist of humor in his comments. Really, if you’re busy, you don’t need to send emails. Happy Thanksgiving!

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