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I found this rather interesting quote from this Cybrpunk. I know it’s insulting in some ways, but I have to admit, it got me to crack up laughing and it does fit guys I can think of. And no most of my guy friends don’t fit in here, unless they act like dork heads. Ie: Charles. XD If you ever read this, you know I love you Charles.

“The male is an incomplete female chromosome. In other words the male is a walking abortion; aborted at the gene stage. To be male is to be deficient, emotionally limited; maleness is a deficiency disease and males are emotional cripples” – Valerie Solanos

*snickers* Ladies you gotta agree, the first part make sense if you know how the XX and XY chromosomes look like. Sorry Cybrpunk, but the first part killed me when I read it. I was laughing too hard. However the last part wasn’t neccessary. I agree that part is cruel. But hey it does fit some guys!! Not all, but some. *nods* But really I wanted to share it with you people that read this blog. *shrugs* Thought it’d be interesting. Oh well. I’m outs now. Nothing else to blog about really. Actually I do have something, but I feel like blogging that at my private blog. Later ya’ll.


  1. hahahaaha! cracks me up! whoever wrote that musta been burned bad by some guy! she sounds really really bitter… "To be male is to be deficient"… that sums up alot of truth right there… oh! and Hi Tara-chan!

  2. Lady Athena on

    *snickers* Hehe…with the way most guys act nowadays, it’s little wonder as to why they’re so deficient. Especially ones really close to our own age. They take the cake in deficiency. All hormones and very little brains.

  3. Heh. Glad I could amuse you Tara! I hope that quote gets spread around. More people need to read it.

  4. guys are emotional cripples? thats funny, i thought it was the women who were all emotional!

  5. That was pretty funny. It’s a shame that it fits most guys I know. Oh, and I’m back!! I missed you!!! ^_^

  6. Hey, remember what me and setjje were saying? We actually told you this before. The Y chromosome is an underdeveloped X choromosome. It holds less alleles and therefore has less genetic codes. Yes, the emotionally limited part definetly fits (especially for setjje but certainly not for netjje and hyung, not to mention makne). If you want me to get more exact, I can. Remember, the ovaries in a woman are massive, complex storage chambers for Oocytes for female gametogenesis. In other words, ovaries are actual glands and possibly organs. Now, testicles can be labeled as glands, but they are not true organs. They are actually two incredibly long tubes that are tangled up into two balls. They are not chambers, but instead are tunnels for sperm to swim in. Yes, I’m male bashing despite my sex and yes I AM sounding a LOT like setjje. ^_^ Uh-oh. He’s glaring at me. Okay, one last thing. The burst in hormones for males and the lack of in most females is quite simple. As I said earlier, the ovaries are highly developed and complex organs. They know how to control their input of energy and how to control what is ejected out from them. However, the underdeveloped testicles do not have such control so they will just work to produce sperm and hormones without stopping. Always remember that females release, not make, one egg cell per menstration cycle (two weeks to one month). Males make, on average, six million sperm cells per day. I’m sure that explains alot.

  7. Please neglect the references made about me. Now I got to kill him.
    PS I’m sure you know that I’m not horny.

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